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  1. Hello Ellen

    I’m so pleased to find someone who loves Endeavour as much as I do (maybe more, huh?!). It’s only shown on Saturday evenings over here in England, but I managed to buy a full box set of Series 1 – 5 on eBay, which is stopping me from doing any housework of an afternoon, or indeed anything useful at all.

    I noticed in your rundown of chapter titles of Series 5 that you call the last episode, “Requiem”. That must be the American title, as the British one is “Icarus”. I presume that you’ve seen it but, just in case you and your readers haven’t, I shan’t give anything away.

    We’re eagerly awaiting the new series which will be shown NEXT YEAR (can they not hurry the process up a bit?!), and I see that Shaun Evans will be sporting a moustache. Mmmm, not too sure about that! Anyway, who cares? The programme will be back, and that’s all that matters.

    Well, there’s a pile of washing to be ironed, and a few more DVDs to watch. What to do first … Decisions, decisions …

    All the best to you from Sunderland, northeast England

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