Animal Childhood PBS DVD

Animal Childhood PBS DVD

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Animal Childhood PBS DVDThere’s just something adorable about baby animals. I’m one of those people who loves looking at those adorable YouTube videos of cute kittens, adorable puppies and other baby animals when they show up in my Facebook feed. How can you resist those adorable faces? Product provided.

Animal Childhood PBS DVD

This Animal Childhood PBS DVD is a Nature documentary that is filled with 60 minutes of cute, cuddly and adorable baby animals. I honestly cannot imagine how some of these animal parents manage. The kids are now 17 and 22 and I’m still having a hard time letting them go. I can’t imagine giving birth and sending them off on their own after just a few moments like the turtles do.

In this Animal Childhood PBS DVD, you get to see how animals around the world grow up. You’ll see some animals you’re probably familiar with from your own area like bears as well as some animals that are more exotic like tigers and elephants.  You haven’t seen adorable until you’ve seen a baby elephant rolling around in the mud.

Animal Childhood PBS DVD

You’ll get to see animals from all over the world including the United States, Africa, the Middle East and Asia.  There were a lot of adorable moments in this movie but there were some tear jerkers for me too. I just wanted to scoop up several of the babies and keep them safe and take care of them in what could have been dangerous situations.

“ANIMAL CHILDHOOD” will be available on DVD July 21, 2015. The run time is approximately 60 minutes and the DVD SRP is $19.99. The program will also be available for digital download.

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  1. I especially love little bear cubs I guess since they look so much like the teddy bears I collected as a child. Little monkeys are fascinating to me too. Definitely a must see for me.

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