Get Your Questions Answered with Ask Bongo

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Do you remember those Magic Eight balls that used to be so much fun when you were a kid? Well, guess what, now you can have that same type of fun with a new app called Ask Bongo

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Get Your Questions Answered Via SMS with Ask Bongo

Ask Bongo

We love trying out new technology and apps on our smartphone. The kids and I are totally hooked on smartphone apps. We just found out about another new app called Ask Bongo! 

Have you heard about this one yet? I had loads of fun asking silly questions and even a few serious ones. I was pretty impressed with the funny responses. For a Monkey, Bongo is pretty cute. So, who is Bongo?

What is Ask Bongo?

Bongo is a super intelligent monkey from the shores of Borneo (that’s an island in the Pacific Ocean if you didn’t know), who lives to dish the dirt 24/7!

You can get an answer to any question anytime! That’s because he knows EVERYTHING about EVERYONE! It’s super simple to use Bongo.

Where does the information come from?

So, you may be wondering just how he gets his information? Well, Bongo works thanks to a number of intelligent human researchers and a very sophisticated software application with a huge database.

You just ask him your question and within a few minutes, you get back an answer via text message. That’s all there is to it.

So, what kinds of questions would you ask to help you with? Maybe you’d like to know what you crush really thinks about you? Or, what your best friend is doing this weekend?

How can I get started?

Simply send your FULL NAME & TOWN and instantly be amazed with his knowledge! It’s freaky what Bongo knows! Download the app today. You can download it today to play along.

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