Best Photo Animation App | Cam Animate Review

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Animating photos can be a fun way to create a custom digital greeting. I love sending digital greetings especially as the holidays get closer.  To keep it as personal as possible, I like to create a custom digital greeting rather than a stock greeting. Of course, I want to add music and other fun features to my greeting too.

Best Photo Animation App | Cam Animate Review

Best Photo Animation App | Cam Animate Review

Cam Animate is a photo animation app that allows you to make custom digital greetings from still photographs.  The app is free and is available for iOS devices. Cam Animate allows you to add banners, text, animation, voice or music to your still photograph.  You can record a personalized greeting if you’d like or upload a short music clip instead. This makes it the perfect choice for creating holiday greetings whether you want to add a holiday song or a special holiday message.

I love the flexibility that Cam Animate offers. I can send my custom digital greeting via email or text message if I want to create it for a specific person. Or, I cans end it via YouTube, Instagram, Facebook or Tumblr if I want to create a general digital holiday greeting for everyone.  I can even save my greeting to my iPhone so I can re-post it.

I created this fun Thanksgiving greeting using Cam Animate #sponsored

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Cam Animate is really the best photo animation app I’ve used. It’s easy to use and has lots of fun features! You just take a picture (or use one already on your camera). Then you select your animation from the free or paid options. You add the words you want to use with or without a banner. Cam Animate allows you to change the font and font size. Then you record your greeting or upload a short music clip. The app lets you go back and forth if you want to change something or start over again. You can reset your greeting if you don’t like the way it sounds and re-record it until you’re happy with the results.

I created a super cute Thanksgiving greeting that I sent out to everyone via Instagram.  I’ll be making more for Christmas as well once there is snow on the ground for my next photograph.  Download your own free copy of Cam Animate from iTunes.  For more information, you can visit their website or connect with them on Facebook.


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