Best Selling Inspirational Books for Everyone

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You will love these best selling inspirational books! Some days, we just need a reminder that we should reach for the stars or be the very best we can be. What better way to remind ourselves, our children or our friends that we should keep trying to be our very best than with a new book. Actually, just about every occasion is a great reason to enjoy a new book! But, here are a few that I encourage you to check out.

Best Selling Inspirational Books

This month, the theme at Parragon Books is to reach for the stars. What better way to be the best we can be than by reaching far. Here are two books from their new Stem Stars SEries by Discovery in honor of the International Day of Girls and Women in Science which is February 11.

Not only did those amazing women pave the way for future scientists, but they also didn’t let any obstacles deter them from following their dreams and making a difference. Keep an eye out for the next two books in this series later in the year. These two books are perfect for children that are reading independently and have an interest in STEM.

Women Who Rocked Space

Do you know a budding scientist who needs an awesome girl role model? She should totally read this book. From the first woman astronomer to the ladies know as “computers,” to a record-holding spacewalker … Discover the inspiring stories of the most incredible female explorers of our solar system and beyond! $4.99 suggested price

Women Who Rocked Medicine

Do you know a budding doctor or scientist who needs an awesome girl role model? She should totally read this book! From the earliest female doctors to pioneering geneticists to amazing transplant surgeons … Discover the inspiring stories of the most awesome female scientists, inventors, and health-care providers who have dedicated their lives to healing the world! $4.99 suggested price.

They also have a fun, inspirational storybook this month called Dream You’ll Be. This awesome storybook encourages kids to imagine all the amazing things they could someday be. Curl up with your little one and read to them about how they can be anything; an astronaut, an architect, or even a super-hero! This book is a beautiful picture book that is suitable for children ages 12 months and up who enjoy being read to.

Dream You’ll Be

Imagine all the amazing things you can someday be, a mountain climber brave or captain on the sea. A world of magic somedays is waiting in this book, just open up its pages and you can have a look. $9.99 suggested price.

Give your child a great head start on their future with the Learn-a-Lots Critical Thinking Skills book! This activity book is packed full of fun puzzles and activities that will stimulate your child’s mind and reinforce important critical thinking skills. This fun activity book is geared toward ages 3 to 5 – the preschool age – and has lots of fun activities included in it.

Learnalots Preschool Thinking Skills

The Learnalots series offers interactive products to help your child build the academic skills that are critical for school success. This workbook features 64 pages of learning activities in the math and science fields. This includes important topics such as matching, sequencing, science basics and spatial recognition to help prepare children for preschool and beyond. $3.99 suggested retail price.

Finally, because you deserve a treat too, there is a new cookbook available from Parragon Books! Chock full of healthy and colorful one-bowl meals, this cookbook offers recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert! Embrace the power of the bowl. If you’re looking for an easy way to eat healthier, this cookbook is for you. I love that there are meals for every occasion and for every cooking ability. you will find some that are gluten-free, Paleo, vegan, and lactose-free. Plus, there is a code at the top of every recipe in the cookbook that tells you what dietary preferences it is suitable for. This is a huge help when I am looking for recipes that are gluten-free or lactose-free.

Bountiful Bowls

From smoothie bowls and grain bowls to poke bowls and Buddha bowls, these vibrant recipes demonstrate how the healthy bowl trend provides easy, attractive and replenishing food options for any time of the day. $12.99 retail price.

These best selling inspirational books from Paragon Books are ideal to inspire and motivate you to be your best whether that means encourage your child to achieve her dreams or preparing your preschooler for school.