A Rant of Ravens by Christine Goff

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I love spending time with a good cozy mystery. And, since I love watching and feeding birds, I thought that this bird watching mystery, A Rant of Ravens by Christine Goff, would be just perfect!

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Bird Watching Mystery | A Rant of Ravens by Christine Goff

In an attempt to escape hellish matrimony, Rachel Stanhope sojourns to her Aunt Miriam’s ranch in Colorado in search of some peace and comfort. As a favor to her aunt, a bird enthusiast, Rachel agrees to host meetings of the local birdwatching society. On her first expedition, however, instead of finding a LeConte’s sparrow, she makes a much more disturbing discovery: a dead body. Identified as a reporter for Birds of a Feather magazine, this man was trying to dig up troubling information on Miriam’s deceased husband and a bird trafficking scheme…and now sweet Aunt Miriam is the prime suspect in this fowl play. Buy it now.

Bird Watching Mystery | A Rant of Ravens

Rachel catchers her husband in bed with another woman. When he files for divorce, she decides she needs a break. Her Aunt Miriam has just asked her to spend the summer at her bird watching ranch in Colorado so she jumps at the opportunity. While she and the other bird watchers are out hunting for a rare bird, she stumbles up on the dead body of an obnoxious reporter who has been threatening her aunt.

Now her Aunt Miriam is the prime suspect. Rachel knows that her aunt didn’t kill the reporter and she has to prove it because the evidence seems to point to her as the murder. While she’s searching for information, she learns about an eco-terrorist group and finds herself in a dangerous situation.

If you enjoy reading themed mysteries, you will definitely love this story. I love watching birds and we have feeders all over the front yard so I definitely enjoyed the way the author wove bird watching into the story. I also enjoyed the inclusion of a lot of environmental awareness information since that’s a passion of mine. The characters were interesting and the story was believable.  This is a really great read that I couldn’t put down & I highly recommend you read it today!

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  1. I love a good mystery and ravens are notorious for being a mysterious bird, aren’t they. I love the more colorful ones to watch and they are so graceful. Love the Colorado environment and miss it, even in all its coldness.

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