The Christmas Cross Hunt: Finding the Cross in Advent

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The Christmas Cross Hunt is a perfect alternative for anyone who is tired of all of the commercialism in Christmas. Find out more about this Christmas book.

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The Christmas Cross Hunt: Finding the Cross in AdventChristmas Cross Hunt

Tired of all the commercialism during the Christmas season and long to teach your children about Gods love come down as a baby in a new and meaningful way?

This twenty-five day Advent devotional book connects Jesus birth to His death on the cross and resurrection and what that means in a fun and significant way for your family.

Christmas Cross Hunt Includes:

Advent Scriptures

Cross Connection Scriptures to Cut Out

Explanations of the Cross Connections and the Meanings for Us

Questions for the Grade School-Age Child and Above

Coloring Pages for the Preschool-Age Child

Crafts and Activities to do Together

Links to Access Videos and Other Resources to Expand your Family’s Experience

Christmas Cross Hunt Review:

The Christmas Cross Hunt is a fun book that will inspire your family to find the real meaning in Christmas. The book is broken down by day. Each day has a Bible verse or two to read, questions to answer, a place to hide the cross, and an activity to do together as a family. And, you can choose to do some or all of the suggestions.

I really love the variety of family activities there are in the book. You may end up singing hymns, rubber stamping, searching for places on a map, baking a cake, or making a family tree. You can customize these activities to make them simpler or more complex depending on the age of your child.

But, each activity ties back to the Bible verse and the real meaning of Christmas. Buy it today and create a new family tradition.

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