Complete Guide to Bible Journaling by Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder

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Have you ever considered journaling right in your Bible? If so, you need to keep reading because I am going to tell you all about the Complete Guide to Bible Journaling by Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder. A product was provided for this post. This post contains affiliate links, and I will receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

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Complete Guide to Bible Journaling by Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder

Complete Guide to Bible Journaling

Discover a powerful new way to engage with Scripture through art in this inspirational guide to Bible Journaling. World renowned artist Joanne Fink and her talented co-author Regina Yoder explain the basics of this beautiful art form that connects faith with creativity. Learn about the wonderfully fulfilling benefits of Bible Journaling, and get helpful advice on choosing scripture and the types of Bibles and journals to use, plus how-to-do a variety of techniques which will allow you to express your faith in a creative manner.

The how-to section covers lettering, drawing, coloring, painting, embellishing with stamps, stickers, and stencils, and so much more! Some of the worlds’ leading Bible Journaling artists provide colorful examples and inspiration, including Shanna Noel, Rebekah R Jones, Valerie Wieners-Massie, Karla Dornacher, and many more.

My thoughts:

I love the thought of Bible journaling but in the past, I was always somewhat overwhelmed with how to start. The Complete Guide to Bible Journaling is an easy way to begin even if you are new to journaling. Not only does the author offer advice on how to choose which scriptures to journal, she includes information on a variety of different techniques from very simple to more complicated. I love the selection of stickers that’s included. Plus, there are full-page examples so you can get an idea of how to journal an entire page or just a corner or portion of a page depending on your preferences.

Buy Complete Guide to Bible Journaling: Creative Techniques to Express Your Faith today.

10 thoughts on “Complete Guide to Bible Journaling by Joanne Fink and Regina Yoder

  1. I am very overwhelmed by the idea of journaling as well but many people have recommended it to me. I will definitely look into this guide since it sounds like it may help me be less overwhelmed! Thanks!

  2. When my current paper devotional (In Touch Ministries) went to a more streamlined format, they allocated about a fifth of each page for notes on the daily reading. I feel like I have a start and need some direction so wishlisted this book. I journal daily but not in my Bible (no space) so I think I need a specific Bible to do that but maybe not? It does look like something I’d love to dive into though.

    • You could really do it either way, Deb. Or, even in a separate journal if you’d like. There are loads of resources.

  3. My daughter and granddaughter would be interested in this as they do some bible journaling now.

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