ContamiNation Book Review

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ContamiNation Book ReviewI’ve been interested in living a healthier lifestyle for quite a while now and have slowly been making changes to my life to eat and live healthier. As consumers, we have control over what we buy and use in our homes, and that’s a great place to start. 

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ContamiNation Book Review

McKay Jenkins explores what it means to be truly healthy in today’s toxic world by exploring the five frontiers of toxic exposure – the body, the home, drinking water, the lawn, and the local super-store.

After visiting his doctor for a routine checkup, Jenkins was shocked to learn that the hip and knee soreness he had instinctively attributed to his active lifestyle and age was in fact, a navel orange-sized tumor inside his left hip. And when Jenkins was questioned by a pair of researchers with clipboards and a set of questions about how much exposure Jenkins had to toxic chemicals and contaminants like asbestos dust, fiberglass, pesticides, acrylic paints, weed killers, and even plastic food wrap, he began to realize how little he knew about the products he was welcoming into his home and body.

The experience was eye-opening – Jenkins, an exercise nut and an enviro-conscious, organic-garden kind of guy, suddenly realized he’d spent his life practically marinating in toxins, from his wall-to-wall carpeting to his dryer sheets and drinking water. He left the hospital with a mission to discover the truth about chemicals and the “healthy” levels of exposure that Americans encounter each day.

ContamiNation opened my eyes and made me think. Just buying organic food at the grocery store isn’t going to eliminate our exposure and probably won’t even make a significant change in our exposure. I had never given a lot of thought to things like what my neighbor uses on his lawn, the exhaust from the cars that drive by my home when my windows or open or the chemicals I’m exposed to when I walk through my local mass retailer.

ContamiNation takes a look at where we’re exposed to toxic chemicals and some things that we can do to reduce our exposure. It also gives a section of resources at the back of the book that will give you ideas of where to go for more information. If you’re dealing with chemical sensitivity or you’re concerned about your exposure, I highly recommend you read ContamiNation.

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