Dinosaur Train: Classic in the Jurassic

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Dinosaur Train: Classic in the Jurassic
Genre: Children’s
DVD Run Time: 100 minutes
DVD Release Date: August 26, 2014
Studio: PBS

“Dinosaur Train takes families on engaging learning adventures, furthering PBS KIDS’ commitment to using the power of media to encourage children’s curiosity and exploration,” said Linda Simensky, Vice President, Children’s Programming, PBS. “In ‘Classic in the Jurassic,’ kids will board the DINOSAUR TRAIN with Buddy, Tiny, Shiny and Don for an Olympic-size adventure as they participate in friendly competition. While dashing to the finish line, they will experience the excitement of the games and learn key natural science concepts along the way.”

Dinosaur Train: Classic in the Jurassic

Have you heard of Dinosaur Train? It’s an animated series created from The Jim Henson Company. Classic in the Jurassic is an all-new one hour special from the series. In the special, kids travel through time with the Pteranodon family to an Olympic-type competition. The dinosaur teams represent three time periods to compete in contests. After the special is over, there are other new episodes of Dinosaur Train included on the dvd!

Here is a break down on each episode:

CLASSIC IN THE JURASSIC: TURTLE & THEROPOD RACE – The dino family travels to the “Classic in the Jurassic,” an Olympics type competition. Each team represents one of the three Mesozoic time periods. This competition is a race between the turtle and theropod teams.

CLASSIC IN THE JURASSIC: AIR OBSTACLE RACE – This time, it’s a race between pterosaurs who have to perform different tasks as they race to the finish line.

CLASSIC IN THE JURASSIC: AIR, WATER & LAND – This constest is a three-part competition between a pterosaur and a crocodile.

CLASSIC IN THE JURASSIC: ULTIMATE FACE-OFF – This game today is the Ultimate Face-off. These “wrestling” matchups feature carnivores vs. herbivores!
HUNGRY, HUNGRY CARNIVORES – Tiny, Buddy and Mrs. Pteranodon are eating lunch and when they are done, Buddy is still hungry. Mrs. Pteranodon takes them on the Dinosaur Train so Buddy can eat some carrion. While dining, they go on some adventures!

KING & CRYSTAL LIVE! – Buddy, Tiny and their mom are riding the Dinosaur Train with Crystal Cryolophosaurus. She is on her way to visit King Cryolophosaurus and she invites the family along.

DESERT DAY & NIGHT – The kids think that the desert must be hot all the time, but learn that there might be more to the desert than they imagined. The Pteranodon kids quickly learn different creatures that live in the dessert and come out at nighttime among other interesting facts about the desert.

BACK IN TIME – Buddy and Tiny discuss about what it was like back in time. Mr. Conductor hears them talking and decides to go through a Pedestrian Time Tunnel with Buddy and Tiny where they find out all sorts of interesting facts about the Permian!

I loved that fact that Dinosaur Train: Classic in the Jurassic has so many episodes on it. The kids loved each of the episodes and asked if they could watch them again and again!

Families can take “Classic in the Jurassic” adventures mobile with the DINOSAUR TRAIN Classic in the Jurassic Jr. App, available on iPad.  In the app, kids play through three math-based games focused on sorting, using a pan balance and counting to help Gilbert get Troodon Town ready for the big event.

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  1. I had to post how much I enjoyed one of these episodes from Classic in the Jurassic. I saw the episode “Back in Time” on Thanksgiving Day and it was so fun! The dinosaurs were so colorful and I actually learned some points that would impress any dinosaur-loving kid. I recommend this series–it’s pretty great.

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