Disney Pixar Finding Dory There’s Always a Way

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If you haven’t seen Finding Dory yet, you really need to go see it-now! Dory may be forgetful, but “Finding Dory” is not forgettable. Not by a long shot. “Finding Dory” will have you laughing the whole time. What parent doesn’t like Disney movies just as much as their kids? 

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Disney Pixar Finding Dory There's Always a Way

Disney Pixar Finding Dory There’s Always a Way

Disney-Pixar’s sequel to ‘Finding Nemo” takes you deeper into the ocean and introduces you to a whole new type of ocean friends that Marlin, Nemo and Dory make along the way. The first part of the movie echos the storyline of “Finding Nemo,” But don’t think this sequel is just repurposing the first movie. Director and co-writer Andrew Stanton, wants you to see how this sequel joins the story that “Finding Nemo” started. Then, it takes you into a new world of hilarious and lovable characters.

“Finding Dory” comes to a satisfying conclusion with positive messages about family, disabilities and perseverance. Surely, you’ll be making plans to see “Finding Dory” again, because it’s that good.

Tip: Make sure to stay in your seat through all the credits or you will miss out!

If your child loved the movie, then they will love this activity/story book! They will join Dory, Marlin and Nemo in a super sticker and coloring treasury! And, they can bring the awesome ocean scenes to life with stickers provided throughout the book. They can add color to the fish and coral, decorate Dory in blue and yellow and then fill each page with over 1,000 fin-tastic stickers.

We had our grandson over to read/do this book (he loved the movie and we also just came back from a trip to an aquarium, so he learned about more types of aquatic life). The book was easy to understand and he had little trouble in getting the stickers out and finding where they went. He spent a good deal of time on it and still has more left to do on it. Our other grandchild would love it as well and he asked to take it with him so she could see it too.

After your child is finished with all the activities and stickers are placed, they will still have fun reading it again and reminiscing about the movie.

There’s so much to do and discover inside! This book also includes a bonus code for a free Disney digital storybook! Buy it today.

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  1. I have been excited for this movie ever since I heard it was going to be made. That being said… I wasn’t all that impressed with this movie. I know everyone LOVED/LOVES it – but me… Not the biggest fan! That being said, I still think it was cute, but I love Finding Nemo 10x more!

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