Unofficial Disneyland Activity and Autograph Book

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This Disneyland activity book is the perfect choice for those that will be visiting Disneyland this year. If your kids are anything like mine were when they were little, each time they visit somewhere special, they want to bring back a souvenir to remind them of the time they spent. You know that this can get quite expensive if you let them buy things from the shops at each attraction. Instead of encouraging them to bring back another plastic souvenir, get an Unofficial Disneyland Activity and Autograph BookUnofficial Disneyland Activity and Autograph Book instead. They will have a memory book filled with autographs and notes about their visit, AND they’ll have an activity book to keep them busy while they’re there. 

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Unofficial Disneyland Activity and Autograph Book

Danielle from Busy Moms Helper created an adorable Unofficial Disneyland Activity and Autograph Book that you can use on your next trip to Disneyland. This book contains 20 different spots for your kids to record special memories, get autographs, do activities, draw pictures and otherwise entertain themselves while they’re standing in line.

Each of the pages in this activity and autograph book is Disney themed from Star Wars to Disney Princesses. The pages are sturdy and will hold up to little hands and crayons.There are places for your child to mark off which rides and attractions they’ve visited along the way. There’s even a place for your child to glue their stamped coins to when you get home if you like.

I appreciate that this book will work for boys and girls of a variety of ages. There are some pages that guide their responses and others that are completely open to encourage a creative free flow of ideas. The rides even have notations next to them showing what height restrictions are for the ride and which are scheduled to be closed for maintenance.

If your family has a trip planned to Disneyland, you won’t want to leave without this Unofficial Disneyland Activity and Autograph Book.

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  1. I’ve never been and I live fairly close to Anaheim. I do like to view the pics from those that have and one blogger I follow will be going soon with their family of five kids! Can’t wait to see their fun pics.

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