Disney’s Lots to Discover Jumbo Coloring Book Plus Stickers

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Disney’s Lots to Discover Jumbo Coloring Book is a MASSIVELY THICK coloring book for fans of Pixar movies! This coloring book is filled with different “scenes” of your favorite Pixar movies. The cute cover shows Dory and The Good Dinosaur which is vividly colored. Inside, you will find fun graphics in a short story form of Disney's Lots to Discover Jumbo Coloring Book Plus Stickers different movies, like Inside Out, Toy Story, Monsters Inc, and more. There are also stickers for you to add to your colored pages. 

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Disney’s Lots to Discover Jumbo Coloring Book Plus Stickers

With over 300 pages and 40 stickers, this is the ultimate coloring book for any Disney Pixar fan. Add color to each of Riley’s emotions, brighten up Arlo the Apatosaurus and his dino buddies, and so much more! Then use your awesome stickers to decorate the pages.


The grandchildren decided that they would each get to pick their favorite movie and that would be the pages they got to color. There are so many pages in this book, there are plenty for everyone to do.

This coloring book does not have separate activities, but there are so many pages to color, your child won’t mind. They also include a free digital storybook to download on the Story Central App.

We downloaded it to take on our road trip to my daughter’s house. I think that it would be a great addition and worth the price.

Coloring in the book made the kids want watch their favorite Pixar movies, so after they were done coloring, we dug out our Disney movies and watched them!

I would recommend getting this coloring book to take along on a long road trip because kids love to see their favorite movies in coloring book form and to use their imagination to decorate the pages as they want.

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  1. I love the Pixar movies too and this book gives a good sampling. Oh boy am I a sucker for stickers. You are just never too old to enjoy them, especially Disney stickers.

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