Edgar Allen Poe Buried Alive DVD Review

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I hope that this Edgar Allen Poe Buried Alive DVD review gives you a bit of insight. I’ve been a fan of Edgar Allen Poe since high school. He was one of the required authors that I actually enjoyed reading. 

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Edgar Allen Poe Buried Alive DVD ReviewEdgar Allen Poe Buried Alive DVD Review

Edgar Allen Poe, Buried Alive draws on the rich palette of Poe’s evocative imagery and sharply drawn plots to tell the real story of the notorious author. The film, featuring Tony Award-winning and Emmy nominated actor Denis o’Hare, explores the misrepresentations of Poe as an alcoholic madman akin to the narrators of his horror stories.

It reveals the way in which more than any other writer of his time, and even our own time, Poe tapped into what it means to be a human being in our modern and sometimes frightening world.

Special features include Outtakes from the Film. This film is approximately 84 minutes long.

My thoughts:

I’ve read a number of different books by Edgar Allen Poe including The Raven and The Tell-Tale Heart, but I never really knew much about the author himself.

This DVD is an interesting look at the real facts about his life rather than the hype that surrounds him. The film was an interesting mix of the actors reciting passages and real photographs from Poe’s life. I had no idea about the facts that surrounded Poe’s fascination with death and it was sad to learn about the tragedy that he had to deal with during his life.

The film also includes readings of two of his famous stories: “The Raven” and “Annabel Lee.”

If you’re fascinated with Edgar Allen Poe or you’d like to learn more about his life, I hope you’ll buy this today.

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  1. PBS has the best shows!! You can not go wrong with American Masters either! I would love to watch this! I think it would be a very interesting watch!

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