Farewell Ferris Wheel DVD

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I’ve always loved Ferris Wheels. I remember when I was little going to the carnival and pestering my parents to take me on the Ferris Wheel. You will love this review.

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Farewell Ferris Wheel DVD

Farewell Ferris Wheel DVD

I loved being way up high and trying to see how far I could see. And, I carried on that tradition with my kids when they were old enough. I’m sure that many of my readers did the same. 

Carnivals have a delightful place in the American imagination with childhood memories of family fun, fantasy, and summer nostalgia. But rising expenses and changes in US labor patterns have caused many employers to find labor outside of US borders. Farewell Ferris Wheel is an inside look at the struggles of an industry trying to stay alive by employing Mexican migrant workers with a controversial visa.

Filmed over the span of six years, the film follows a carnival owner, a labor-recruiter, and workers from a small town in Mexico who join the carnival legally on seasonal visas. Farewell Ferris Wheel is an honest on-the-ground portrait of the financial, emotional, and physical challenges they all face. Buy it today.

My thoughts:

I never really considered the people behind the carnival when I went as a child. It was all about the lights and the excitement. But, like any other industry, it takes people to run it. Since most carnivals travel from place to place, many workers travel along with the carnivals which makes it a job that many people aren’t interested in.

It’s definitely not an easy life and the documentary really gives you a look at what the workers and the carnival owners go through. If you have an interest in carnivals or the status of the various immigration policies, I’d recommend you watch this.

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