Of Feathers and Friends by Darlene Hoggard Davis

Of Feathers and Friends by Darlene Hoggard Davis

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Of Feathers and Friends
Author: Darlene Hoggard Davis
ISBN: 978-1622451111
Genre: Fiction, Religious
Release: October 1, 2013
Publisher: Life Sentence Publishing
132 Pages

About the book:

“Nobody loves me. Everybody hates me. I’m gonna go eat worms.” While Tyler knew he wouldn’t really eat worms, he did not feel loved. His parents sent him to live with his grandmother when they separated. Was he angry? You bet. Was he confused? Absolutely. Where did he fit in? He didn’t know any more. After an argument with his grandmother, Tyler decided to run away. “I’ll show them I can take care of myself.” Tyler Andrews doesn’t need anyone! Tyler grabbed his piggy bank and his Dad’s Navy ring and ran out the back door. He ran until he couldn’t run any further. Too stubborn to turn back, he walked further and further into the woods behind grandma’s house, scolding himself because he hadn’t thought this plan all the way through. And it would be dark soon. Tyler looked up and saw a flash of red. What was it? What luck! It was a flag waving from a window of a tree house. A tree house! Climbing up the ladder nailed into the tree, Tyler’s resolve to take care of himself returned. Nothing would change his mind now. Really? What would happen when Cody and Jenna find him? What would happen when he meets Melody? Will these neighbor kids turn him in? What will he do with the wounded sparrow he finds beneath the tree house? Follow Tyler on his adventure to find his place in this world. Laugh or cry with him, whatever you need to do. You might just find you’ve grown up a little, too.

Of Feathers and Friends

Tyler’s parents are getting divorced and they send him to live in the country with his grandmother while they work out the details. He doesn’t like it in the country because there is nothing to do. When his grandmother yells at him, he decides to run away.  He hides in a tree house and eventually makes friends with two kids from the neighborhood.   Tyler has to move from the treehouse because the everyone is looking for him.  He ends up breaking his leg and getting sick and his two friends have tow get him help.

Of Feathers and Friends is a wonderful story that reminds me of The Boxcar Children. Not only does Tyler have a wonderful adventure but he learns a valuable lesson and makes friends along the way. He realizes that God does love him and that sometimes God answers our prayers with no or wait instead of yes.

If you’re looking for a book that will take your child on an adventure without any worries of content that is too worldly, Of Feathers and Friends by Darlene Hoggard Davis is definitely the book you want to choose. Good all around fun and a valuable lesson at the end.

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  1. A much needed book on divorce for the kids. I want to see more on the Boxcar Kids so maybe you’ll highlight it too. I keep meaning to look at it more but what I saw looked cute.

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