Frequencies by Linda Armstrong Review and Giveaway

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Frequencies by Linda Armstrong was the book I decided to read this weekend. After hours in a busy grocery store getting ready for Easter tomorrow, I needed some downtime with a good book. 

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Frequencies by Linda Armstrong ReviewFrequencies by Linda Armstrong

When Molly finally decides to flee from her violent mobster boyfriend, Tony, she finds herself stranded in the small town of Bellville.

The citizens of Bellville are strange; her life is turned upside down and she is unsure of anything. While these people protect her from the goons sent to bring her back, she still wonders at their motivations.

Events heat up when Tony finds her in Bellville. Will justice catch up with him? Will Molly find peace at last? And what are the Frequencies that make Bellville so different?

My thoughts:


Molly is a gangster’s girlfriend who is on the run from him. She’s tired of her life with him and his abuse and wants to start over. Her car dies on the side of the road and she ends up stranded in Bellville while they try to fix her car. She is befriended by a woman named Terry who takes her under her wing until things can be sorted out.

While Molly is there, she notices that everything is better in Bellville. The food tastes better. The clothes made by the local residents are softer and more beautiful. The air even feels fresher than she ever noticed before. The residents of Bellville ask her to stay and live with them but she worries about Tony finding her and hurting the people there.

Something just feels weird about Bellville. As peaceful and wonderful as everything is, Molly just isn’t used to trusting people. Plus, the people in the town keep mentioning the frequencies that make things better in Bellville. Molly needs to discover just what they are and where she fits in.

Reading through this book honestly felt to me like a fairy tale. The more I read, the more I knew that was where I wanted to live if it were possible. I couldn’t stop reading because I couldn’t wait to see what these frequencies were to find out of it there was any way it really could be like the story. I won’t tell you the ending because it’s powerful. But I will recommend you read this now. I didn’t want it to end, and I hope there will be another.

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26 thoughts on “Frequencies by Linda Armstrong Review and Giveaway

  1. I need a good read for this spring, I fled from an abusive relationship to another state very similar to Molly. My life has changed for the better since moving from NY. I think this book would be easy to get into as life in a different town is amazing, the air does feel fresher.

  2. Hmmm…
    Why would I like to read “Frequencies”?
    Because it doesn’t sound like every other book out there.
    I like to read things that make me think and question things, that make me wonder, “What if…”
    This sounds like such a book, to me…

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