Frontline: The Fight for Yemen DVD

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Frontline: The Fight for Yemen DVDI’ll admit that when I first heard about The Fight for Yemen on DVD, all I knew about Yemen was that it was a country in the Middle East.  I know, as my husband informed me, I need to brush up on my current events knowledge.

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Frontline: The Fight for Yemen DVD

Yemen is the second largest country in the Arabian Peninsula, second only to Saudi Arabia. It’s a coastal country that stretches for about 1200 miles. Yemen is bordered by Saudi Arabia on the north and Oman on the East. To the West is the Red Sea and to the South are the Gulf of Aden and the Arabian Sea.

In 2014, President Obama pointed to Yemen as a model for the US’s counter-terrorism strategy. Six months later (as of the spring of 2015), the country is being torn apart by a conflict led by an anti-American rebel movement known as the Houthis.

Frontline: The Fight for Yemen is a look into the conflict that’s occurring in the Yemen war zone. Frontline and BBC Arabic joined together to produce wtih special report along with reporter Safa Al Ahmad. She actually takes you inside the war zone to talk to the Houthi soldiers and those affected by the conflict. You’ll see buildings that have been bombed, children who have been affected by the fighting and get a real understanding of what life is like right now in Yemen.

The one thing that surprised me about this documentary is that Safa Al Ahmad is a woman.  Her views of the country really gave me a deeper understanding of what life must be like there right now. I cannot imagine reporting from a war zone and arguing with armed soldiers when they attempted to take my camera away. I think that the fact that this program came from the eyes of a woman gave it a different slant than many you’d see on the news. She spoke not only to the soldiers but also to the women and children in Yemen to share their thoughts.

If you’d like to learn more about the conflict in Yemen or simply enjoy Frontline programming, I definitely recommend you watch Frontline: The Fight for Yemen DVD. “THE FIGHT FOR YEMEN” is available on DVD from PBS Distribution. The run time of the DVD is approximately 60 minutes and its SRP is $24.99 and is available for digital download.

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  1. I do watch PBS frequently but haven’t caught much on this topic. I listen to a lot of Christian broadcasting that helps me learn about this area but I admit, there’s tons I don’t know. It’s scary but fascinating.

    I watched the whole season of American Odyssey which wrapped last week and hopefully will be picked up for a second season. It was about terrorism and government cover up, which peaked my interest to really learn more.

  2. I’m looking forward to checking this out. It sounds interested to hear her point of view, especially as a woman from another country.

  3. I enjoy watching BBC news programs, as they really give a different perspective than we usually get in the US. I’m going to have to check this out!

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