Frontline The Trouble with Chicken DVD

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Frontline The Trouble with Chicken DVDOne of the benefits of living in the country is that I’m able to be closer to my food and where it comes from. Not only are there farms and orchards in my neighborhood, but we also have our gardens and ducks and chickens.  Whenever I hear about another scare with salmonella or another foodborne illness, I try to be more aware.

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Frontline The Trouble with Chicken DVD

Every year, Salmonella causes more hospitalizations and deaths than any other foodborne illness. This common bacteria has become one of the top food safety issues in the U.S. – and it’s often found on the meat most popular with Americans: chicken. In fact, about one in four pieces of raw chicken is contaminated with Salmonella today. Why isn’t the U.S. food safety system stopping the threat? In Frontline’s The Trouble with Chicken, correspondent David E. Hoffman investigates how and why the standards and laws around Salmonella have failed to keep up with the increasing danger posed by some strains of the bacteria.

I’m not a fan of huge factory farms. Once I really understood where my food came from and the impact that huge agribusiness has on our environment and our health, my thoughts about it changed. Food isn’t processed or handled the same in a giant processing plant as it is in a small local business. There are a lot more health risks and issues that aren’t being controlled by our food safety laws than you would think.

This Frontline The Trouble with Chicken DVD really explains how and why there are still so many outbreaks of foodborne bacteria making people sick.  While it looks specifically at the problems with Foster Farms chicken and Jack-in-the-Box beef, the information shown in the investigation can be applied to any meat processing plant or anyone in the food service industry.

If you’re interested in understanding more about food safety and how our current regulations are failing us, you definitely need to watch the Frontline The Trouble with Chicken DVD.

The Trouble with Chicken is available on DVD now. The run time of the DVD is approximately 60 minutes and its SRP is $24.99 and is available for digital download.

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  1. My dad had to kill chickens growing up on the farm so of course he hated chicken of any kind. My poor mom had to work around the meal planning I imagine! I was a vegetarian when I was a teen so my interest in food and where it came from, started early. I love these informative Frontline programs!

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