4 Fun Family Christmas Traditions to Try This Year

4 Fun Family Christmas Traditions to Try This Year

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Do you have fun family Christmas traditions that you enjoy every year? Christmas is a time for celebrating with friends and family so it only makes sense to create a few traditions. Don’t feel like you have to stick tp the same traditions you’ve always had. You can always add in one or two more.

4 Fun Family Christmas Traditions to Try This Year

Fun Family Christmas Traditions

So, what kinds of Christmas traditions do you already enjoy with your family? We’ve had many over the years depending on how old the kids were. It’s likely that your traditions will change as your family structure changes. Of course, Christmas is always the best time of year when you’re a kid.

Make a gingerbread house

You can buy a gingerbread kit and create it that way. Or you can just start with a box of graham crackers, a can of frosting, and candy to decorate the house with.

4 Fun Family Christmas Traditions to Try This Year

Go Christmas caroling

We always loved to go Christmas caroling with our church group. Everyone bundles up in their warmest winter jackets, gloves and hats and went around the neighborhood singing Christmas songs. Afterward, we got back together for hot chocolate and cookies.

Go on a sleigh ride

Depending on where you live, you may want to take everyone for a sleigh ride. When my parents visited the city, it wasn’t unusual to see horses drawing sleighs up and down the street.

Family Christmas photos

It’s so much fun to watch how the kids change each year. Taking family photos at Christmas is a great way to share that with friends and family. Of course, you’ll want to get new outfits for everyone before you get the photos taken. Make sure that you check out what they have at Gymboree. Check out the Gymboree Holiday Girl Collection to find all sorts of gorgeous holiday dresses.

Gymboree has been celebrating childhood for over 30 years, dressing kids from newborn to 12 years old. They offer colorful, head-to-toe clothing and accessory collections—quality clothes that let kids be kids. At Gymboree, they’re proud to dress your family for the moments that matter most – offering everything from quality playwear that stands the test of playtime to coordinated dressy looks for the perfect family photo.

What fun family Christmas traditions do you enjoy?

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