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Have you heard of the Himalayan Megaquake? I’ve always been fascinated by earthquakes and weather in general. Marty and I really enjoy watching movies about how weather effects people around the world. We’ve had one earthquake in Vermont that I recall that measured about a 2.0. I know that’s tiny compared to earthquakes elsewhere especially compared to the Himalayan Megaquake which was over a 7.0! 

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Himalayan Megaquake PBS Nova DVDHimalayan Megaquake PBS Nova DVD

On April 25, 2015, a devastating earthquake rocked Nepal. As it ripped across the Himalayas, it wiped out villages and left thousands dead. Through dramatic eyewitness footage, expert interviews, and stunning graphics, NOVA reveals the anatomy of this megaquake while scientists race to answer urgent questions—Is another big one just around the corner? What can we learn from the deadly combination of earthquakes and landslides? And can we rebuild to survive the next big one?

Himalayan Megaquake gives you an inside look at the earthquake that happened in Nepal. There is actual footage from the earthquake and the resulting avalanches that occurred.  Not only was this a megaquake (over 7.0), but there were a number of large aftershocks that were strong enough to be considered earthquakes on their own. The earthquakes then triggered avalanches that caused even more damage.

Interviews were done with people who lived in the area, hikers that were on Mount Everest during the earthquake and a number of people who came to help rescue people and rebuild the area after the damage was done. Overall, it was a fascinating look at the tragedy that happened and how people pulled together to help each other.

“NOVA: HIMALAYAN MEGAQUAKE” will be available on DVD April 19, 2016. The run time of the DVD is approximately 60 minutes and its SRP is $24.99. The program will also be available for digital download.


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  1. I am also fascinated by earthquakes and volcanoes for that matter. I’ve never been in an earthquake so I don’t know what one feels like but I can’t imagine the earth rolling under me.

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