How to Get Your Child Interested in Dinosaurs

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How to Get Your Child Interested in DinosaursDo you know how to get your child interested in dinosaurs? This is a great way to encourage an interest. My daughter loves to experiment and learn about everything. While looking for a new book for her (and the grandchildren), I tend to look for books that not only teach, but have lots of other activities in it as well. It’s great when you can find something that can fill their afternoon for when they can’t go outside and are bored. I’ve found Discovery Kids books are very entertaining and full of learning (and fun) activities as well. 

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How to Get Your Child Interested in Dinosaurs

So, when we were able to try out another Discovery Kids Factivity Kit (my daughter’s favorite activity kits), I was excited to see what it had in it. The Dinosaur Factivity Kit contains a book with over 400 facts and activities like puzzles, mazes, as well as a ten piece Triceratops, skeleton model you get to build yourself and sturdy enough to play with afterwards.

I love how this book allows your child to explore the prehistoric realm of Dinosaurs. You can learn lots of facts and complete puzzles, mazes, and more as you travel along back in time!

We weren’t disappointed at all while reviewing this book/kit. Discovery Kids have fabulous books that keep kids entertained and having fun, and this definitely should be on your child’s bookshelf as well.

We always like to make a game using the facts that my daughter learns which I think will help her to remember the facts that she learns while reading. This game could be as simple as making up flashcards and quizzing her on a dinosaur fact. This kit is also a great way for older children to teach their younger brother and sister some fun facts. Dinosaur facts are one of the most fun facts to learn about and who doesn’t want to learn about cool dinosaurs?


Learn dinosaur facts while having fun with activities, puzzles, mazes, and more! Read along with your child to learn hundreds of facts and loads of activities for hours of fun!

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  1. I had a lot of books like these growing up. I was a very visual learner so they really helped engage my mind to process the information and want to learn more.

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