How to Get Your Child Interested in Dinosaurs

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Do you know how to get your child interested in dinosaurs?  Check out these tips and projects to teach your child about dinosaurs.

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Do you know how to get your child interested in dinosaurs?  Check out these tips and projects to teach your child about dinosaurs.

How to Get Your Child Interested in Dinosaurs

Does your child have a dinosaur obsession? Learn how to encourage your child to learn more about these extinct animals.

Dinosaurs are fascinating creatures, aren’t they? These extraordinary animals once roamed our world, leaving behind plenty of mysteries for us to unravel. Many kids find dinosaurs utterly captivating, and who can blame them? They’re like creatures from a fantasy world, only they were real!

If your little one is a budding paleontologist, you’re probably wondering how to nurture their interest. Well, you’re in the right place. We’ve gathered a bunch of fun and educational activities that will help your child learn more about dinosaurs while having a great time. Let’s embark on this prehistoric journey together!

Do you know how to get your child interested in dinosaurs?  Check out these tips and projects to teach your child about dinosaurs.

What age do you learn about dinosaurs?

There’s no specific age to start learning about dinosaurs! Whether your child is a curious toddler, a preschooler, or even a school-aged kid, there are countless fun ways to introduce them to the world of dinosaurs.

Even the youngest children can enjoy simple dinosaur-themed picture books or puzzles. As they grow older, they might start to explore dinosaur figures, board games, or even participate in fascinating DIY paleontological digs at home.

Remember, the key is to use simple, understandable words that match their age and comprehension level. So, no matter their age, there’s always something exciting and educational about dinosaurs waiting for them to discover!

Here are a few ways to encourage an intense interest about dinosaur stuff.

little boy playing with wooden dinosaurs

How do you extend children’s interest in dinosaurs?

Exploring Museums:

Children love exploring, and what better way to feed their curiosity than visiting a natural history museum? Museums offer a wealth of knowledge about dinosaurs. Kids can see life-sized dinosaur models, learn about different types of dinosaurs, and even touch real dinosaur fossils in some cases.

Some popular dinosaur museums include the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History and the American Museum of Natural History. There your child can check out dinosaur tracks.

Engaging in Crafts:

Craft activities are not only fun, but they also help children understand complex concepts. You can make dinosaur fossils at home using plaster of Paris, or build a 3D dinosaur model out of cardboard. Children can also enjoy coloring pages featuring their favorite dinosaurs or making dinosaur-themed art projects.

This dinosaur shadow matching game would be a fun way to open a discussion about the different types of dinosaurs and how they live.

Reading Books to Younger Kids

Books are a fantastic resource for learning. Some great dinosaur-themed books for kids include ‘Dinosaurs Before Dark’ by Mary Pope Osborne, and ‘How Do Dinosaurs Say Goodnight?’ by Jane Yolen. These books are not only informative but also help instill a love for reading. Reading about dinosaurs will feed your child’s imagination and help them learn more about these magnificent creatures. Check out these dinosaur books.

boy dressed up in a dinosaur costume

Imaginary play

Imaginary play is a fantastic way to extend your child’s interest in the dinosaur species. It encourages creativity and helps children understand the world around them. Here’s how you can incorporate dinosaurs into pretend play:

  1. Dinosaur Land: Create a ‘Dinosaur Land’ at home with dinosaur toys and some landscape elements like rocks, trees, and water bodies. Your child can enact various scenarios, such as dinosaurs searching for food, escaping from predators, or even a baby dinosaur hatching from an egg!
  2. Puppet Show: Make simple dinosaur puppets out of socks or paper bags. Your child can put on a show, narrating a day in the life of a dinosaur or inventing their own dinosaur stories.
  3. Role Play: Dress up and pretend to be dinosaurs! You can be large, herbivorous dinosaurs like a ‘Brontosaurus’ or ‘Triceratops,’ or go for the mighty predators like ‘T-Rex’. Remember to act out their movements and sounds for added fun!

Remember, the key is to make the playtime as immersive and fun as possible. This approach will not only entertain your child but also educate them about these fascinating prehistoric creatures.

a boy holding a red dinosaur

Teach older kids about extinct animals

  1. Dinosaur Books: Reading is a great way to cultivate an interest in dinosaurs. There are numerous dinosaur-themed books written specifically for kids. These books combine facts with engaging stories, helping children learn while they’re captivated by the tales. National Geographic Kids is a great option at this age. Or, check out this dinosaur atlas.
  2. Dinosaur Documentaries: Encourage your child to watch documentaries about dinosaurs. Documentaries often present information in a visual, engaging way that is perfect for older kids. They can see how dinosaurs might have moved, what their habitats looked like, and understand more about their behaviors. They may enjoy these dinosaur facts.
  3. Dinosaur Museums and Exhibits: Plan a family trip to a museum that has dinosaur exhibits. Nothing beats the experience of seeing a life-size dinosaur skeleton. The majestic size and structure of these exhibits often spark a deeper interest, and many museums also offer interactive displays and workshops geared toward children.

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Encourage an intense interest in elementary aged kids

Here are some great ways to encourage a dinosaur obsession in younger children.

  1. Dinosaur Puzzles: Simple and fun, dinosaur puzzles not only entertain but also improve cognitive abilities. They could be puzzles of dinosaur pictures or skeletons, which can help kids visually identify different types of dinosaurs.
  2. Dinosaur Crafts: Encourage the creative side of your kids by involving them in dinosaur-related art and craft activities. They can make dinosaur masks, paint dinosaur pictures or even create their own dinosaur models with clay. Check out this fun paper plate dinosaur they can make.
  3. Dinosaur Games: There are numerous dinosaur-themed board games and video games suitable for children aged 6 and up. These games often involve elements of strategy and knowledge about dinosaurs, making them both enjoyable and educational.
  4. Dinosaur Fossils: Let your child play the role of a junior paleontologist by getting them a dinosaur fossil digging kit. They can enjoy the thrill of uncovering ‘fossils’ from the comfort of your home. This hands-on experience can be both educational and fun!
  5. little girl playing with plastic dinosaurs

Encourage a toddler dinosaur obsession

Most children love dinosaurs so here are a few ways to get them started with a dino obsession.

  1. Dinosaur Picture Books: Introduce your toddler to the world of dinosaurs through colorful and beautifully illustrated picture books. Simple, engaging stories can spark their imagination and curiosity about these ancient creatures.
  2. Toy Dinosaurs: Provide your toddler with dinosaur-themed toys or a dinosaur train. Simple dinosaur figures can be a great way for them to learn and identify different types of dinosaurs. They can play, pretend, and have fun while learning about these prehistoric creatures.
  3. Dinosaur Songs and Rhymes: Children love music, and dinosaur-themed songs and rhymes can be both fun and educational. Simple catchy tunes with dinosaur themes can make learning about dinosaurs an enjoyable experience for your toddler.

There are so many ways to encourage your child’s dinosaur obsession from dinosaur eggs and a dinosaur train to a visit to a Natural History Museum. I hope you’ll try a few of the fun things I’ve suggested here and watch your children develop a keen interest in the dinosaur species and natural history.

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  1. I had a lot of books like these growing up. I was a very visual learner so they really helped engage my mind to process the information and want to learn more.

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