Jack Tango by Stephen Resar

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I’ve been enjoying the short stories of Jack Tango, the unscrupulous archaeologist on a new site I found called eKibitz. eKibitz is a community where writers can come together to chat and where readers can come to read. There are a number of different stories on the site to enjoy with a range of topics including mystery and science fiction.

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Jack Tango Episode 1 Through 3 by Stephen Resar


On eKibitz, you can not only read the short stories, but you can listen to a narrator read them to you while you watch a short video clip. I love this story style because it’s so much easier to visualize the story. It’s a combination of audio book, traditional book, and video that I really enjoy.

Jack Tango

Jack Tango is an archaeologist who has had several different adventures. As I mentioned above, what he does isn’t always that ethical. In the three episodes that I have read, watched and listened to, he’s managed to get in trouble with his decisions. He’s managed to get kicked out of the university he was attending, rob an ancient tomb in Bolivia, and had all of his treasures stolen by Amazon women in the jungle.

Each episode is a stand-alone adventure so you can enjoy it as is, or you can watch all three episodes back to back. They are short enough so that you’ll be able to enjoy them in one sitting. Each one will leave you wanting just a little bit more of his adventures, so you’ll want to be sure you watch all three of them.

I am not sure if the author is planning on having more than three episodes in this series or not. But, I am certainly hoping for more. As it is, I’m eyeing the trailer for SRG White Wolf that says coming soon, and I cannot wait to check that one out.

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