Kingdom of Glas Rebirth by K Vider

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I love a good science fiction book because they let me escape for a few hours after a long day. As the holidays get closer, I definitely need that escape at the end of the day. This book is by an author I haven’t had a chance to read yet so I was definitely looking forward to it. Kingdom of Glas Rebirth by K Vider

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Kingdom of Glas Rebirth by K Vider

When war tears Kaiser Noire from his family, he is left to die on the battlefield. Near the brink of death, his blood will reveal secrets of the past that will shake the Six Kingdoms. When his discovery echoes across the land it forces a young knight, Grant Dalfair, to question his own past and seek out answers. The two, twisted together by fate.

My thoughts:

Kaiser is a farm boy living with his adopted family. When war breaks out and all able bodied men and boys are sent to defend their land. He doesn’t know anything about war and is gravely injured while fighting.

He wakes up in a jail cell and has no idea why because he has no memory of fighting after his friend died. Then, he learns that he is far more than a farm boy.

Grant is a young knight assigned to protect a royal princess who has never been let outside before. While he is protecting her, he notices strange black designs on her arm.

These designs are noticed by someone else, far more dangerous as well, and she may be all that stands between them and a dangerous race of beings.

Kingdom of Glas Rebirth is a fascinating look at a world filled with war and magical creatures. I loved losing myself in the story rand learning all of the secrets that were hidden for years as I got further into the book.

The author managed to add so much detail to the story that I really felt like I was right there getting to know each character. If you enjoy science fiction, this is a great way to spend an afternoon. I hope there is another in this series!

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