Last Days in Vietnam DVD

Last Days in Vietnam DVD

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Last Days in Vietnam DVDMarty and I have been on a bit of a history kick lately. I love watching programs where I actually learn something. I really thought that my knowledge of my country’s history was pretty good but after watching the Last Days in Vietnam DVD, I’m realizing that I don’t know as much as I thought I did. Product has been provided.

Last Days in Vietnam DVD

I was 9 at the end of the Vietnam War.  I’m sure I probably had the basic knowledge that I was taught in school but other than that, I really didn’t have much understanding about what the last days were like in Vietnam. If your knowledge is a bit like mine, read on.

In April of 1975, the North Vietnamese army advanced on Saigon which was in South Vietnam. North Vietnam was communist and under the rule of Ho Chi Minh. South Vietnam was under a non-communist pro-American government. The Last Days in Vietnam DVD shows you the final days of the Vietnam war, as North Vietnam continued to close in on Saigon and the US diplomats and military operatives left the country.

All of this, I already knew. It’s what they taught me in school. What was a real eye opener was what came next. As we left South Vietnam, we needed to make the decision of who came with us and who stayed – knowing that those that stayed would face brutality, imprisonment and even death. Many soldiers had wives who were South Vietnamese and children. There were aids, domestic workers and those that helped the United States.

A handful of military operatives took it upon themselves to help evacuate as many South Vietnamese people as possible. This is the story you’ll learn when you watch the Last Days in Vietnam DVD. You’ll see their desperate attempt to help the South Vietnamese to safety whether by helicopter, van, or boat. You’ll learn the difficult journey they made from Saigon to safety – and you’ll learn about the ones that got left behind.

The Academy Award-nominated “LAST DAYS IN VIETNAM,” directed by Rory Kennedy, is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. The run time of the theatrical version of the film is approximately 100 minutes, and the run time of the extended broadcast version of the film is approximately 120 minutes. The DVD SRP is $24.99 and the Blu-ray SRP is $29.99. The theatrical version of the program is also available for digital download.

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  1. Good choice for the holiday. I was a young teen at the time and had limited understanding of the events too. Sad events we must remember though.

  2. I love watching historical dvds. This was a great weekend to watch it with it being the 4th. There’s a lot about the Vietnam war I don’t know, especially the after war part.

  3. I consider myself a bit of a history buff, and I would love to see this. It is a fascinating time, and I am sure I will learn a great bit.

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