The Little Hero by Ronald Destra

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Teaching children what to do in the case of an emergency can be a challenge. You want to give them the knowledge they need to be prepared. But, you don’t want to frighten them or overwhelm them with information. Today I’m sharing a book that will be a valuable resource. The Little Hero by Ronald Destra

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The Little Hero by Ronald Destra

When a little boy named Mays wakes up one night and discovers his house is on fire, he knows he has to do something. With the help of the police, firefighters, and his family, Mays will discover that even he has what it takes to be a hero.

My thoughts:

Mays is an eight-year-old boy who wakes up one morning and notices smoke in the kitchen. Remembering what he was taught in school, he wakes his mother and father up. His parents try to help but they are overcome by the smoke. With his quick thinking, Mays remembers that he should call 911 to report the fire. Then, following the instructions given to him when he calls, he saves his parents and the fire department puts out the fire to save their home.

The Little Hero by Ronald Destra is a fantastic fire safety resource to use with your child as a conversation starter. Mays does everything that he should do in the case of a fire and the story itself is told in a way that is engaging and non-threatening. The colorful photos and easy to follow story will definitely hold your child’s attention as you read it to them. Once, you’re done, you can discuss fire safety with them in a way that they’ll be more easily able to relate to.

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