Lullabuddy Speaker Crib Companion Soother

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Have you heard of the Lullabuddy speaker? If you’re looking for a crib companion soother for your infant or young child, keep reading for my thoughts. Lullabuddy speaker plays lullabies and love songs to help your child sleep.

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Lullabuddy Speaker Crib Companion Soother

Lullabuddy Speaker

Lullabuddy is a portable music player and Bluetooth speaker that is pre-loaded with two hours of Mae Robertson’s award-winning lullabies and love songs.

Babies certainly are a precious gift but we all know that they have their fussy times as well. Some nights, it seems like they just cannot calm down and fall asleep. Lullabuddy provides two hours of songs that you can have play on shuffle to help your baby calm down and sleep.

Lullabuddy Speaker Crib Companion Soother

How to use Lullabuddy Speaker

Lullabuddy is a small Bluetooth enabled speaker. You receive the speaker, USB charge cable, a built-in rechargeable battery, and a user manual. Since the speaker uses a battery, it’s very easy to take with you wherever you go. If you are heading out on vacation or camping or to visit a friend, you can just toss it in your bag and use it wherever you go.

Lullabuddy comes preloaded with songs by Mae Robertson. I wasn’t familiar with her music but after listening to it, I’m completely hooked. They have a sort of folksy sound that is very appealing even to adults. I love that they aren’t your typical baby nursery rhyme songs. The music is relaxing and calming and works well for anyone that needs to calm down.

Lullabuddy Speaker Crib Companion Soother

I also appreciate that Lullabudy is easy to use. I love technology but I don’t want a complicated setup. You simply plug it in to charge and press play to start. You can set it to shuffle or use the timer instead. It’s the perfect solution to drop off at Grandma’s house even if she isn’t tech savvy.

Where to buy Lullabuddy

You can buy one Lullabuddy speaker or purchase two or three so you can send one to daycare and keep on at Grandma’s house. You can also purchase a 4-foot cable and wall plug adapter if you prefer to plug this directly into the wall rather than use the rechargeable batteries.

I keep it on my desk, plugged into my computer to help relax with. Find it on their website or purchase it on Amazon.

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