Magician Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids for Halloween

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Halloween is only about a month away and I’m sure that parents are scrambling for ideas for Halloween costumes. One of my favorite costume ideas is the magician. What child wouldn’t want to be able to pull a rabbit out of their hat or find a penny behind their friend’s ear? These magician Halloween costume ideas for kids will get you started on the perfect costume for your child.

Magician Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids


Magician Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids

You can create your own magician’s outfit using a pair of dark pants, a white shirt, and a dark suit jacket or a black cape. Or, you can purchase a pre-made magician’s outfit. Depending on how pressed you are for time, you may want to buy a magician costume. I always found that to be the easiest alternative because the kids were usually much happier to have a store-bought costume than a handmade one.

Once you have your basic costume, you will need to accessorize. Remember the magic wand, white rabbit, deck of cards, white gloves and top hat. Part of the fun of dressing up for Halloween is pretending to be what your costume is. You can get your child in the mood for their new role as a magician with some fun games.

Magician Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

Your child can learn to become a magician with these easy to do magic tricks and tips included in Professor Murphy’s Emporium of Entertainment Magic Show! It includes 125 easy to do magic tips and tricks and comes with many of the accessories that your child will need to complete their magician costume including a magic wand.

Magician Halloween Costume Ideas for Kids

There are 80 pages of tricks, 3 ropes, 5 magic cards, a pack of playing cards, 4 balls, 4 mind reading disks, 3 cups and, of course, the magic wand.  Professor Murphy’s Emporium of Entertainment Magic Show is intended for children over the age of 6. If you’re looking for a fun way to get your child interested in being a magician for Halloween, this is definitely it!

Does your child want to be a magician this year for Halloween?


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12 thoughts on “Magician Halloween Costume Ideas For Kids for Halloween

  1. How fun! I bet that my son will be old enough for this next Halloween. He is going to be a Ninja Turtle this year, but a magician would be a lot of fun next year. Hehe – nothing is cuter than little kids with magic tricks.

  2. How fun… my son would love this.. he is always into magic.. this would be fun for him, will have to show your wonderful review to him and see if the would like to be a magician for Halloween… Thanks for sharing, I bet it will be a hoot.

  3. My son is only 4 but he’s been interested in magic shows lately! I bet he would find this interested, but my nephew would LOVE it!! I’ll share this with my sister for Halloween ideas! 🙂

  4. Not for Halloween, but my oldest did request a kit last Christmas. I know she tried a few tricks, will have to ask her the next time I see her playing with it.

  5. I just thought of the same thing that this would make a good Christmas gift and I always start thinking of Halloween costumes for next year, after seeing all the cool ones people made.

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