Mary Lambert Heart on My Sleeve CD

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I started listening to pop music because my kids love it. Most of the time I learn about a new artist it’s because one of the kids introduced me to them. I first heard Mary Lambert sing on Ryan Macklemore’s song Same Love that my son introduced me to.  When I first heard Mary Lambert’s song Secrets, I didn’t know who sang it. My daughter was singing along to it in the car and I really enjoyed the lyrics and that she was encouraging people to accept themselves despite their faults.

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Mary Lambert Heart on My Sleeve CD

Artist: Mary Lambert
Album Title: Heart on My Sleeve
Genre: Pop
Release Date: October 14, 2014
Label: Capitol Records

Written within the past year (with lyrics by Lambert and music co-written by Lambert, co-producers Eric Rosse and Benny Cassette, and songwriter MoZella), Heart On My Sleeve is an honest depiction of where Lambert is now. “This year has been the best of my entire life, which is not to say it hasn’t come with its fair share of hurdles, heartbreak, and harsh lessons, she says. I can only write about the experiences I’ve had. I signed to a major label. I went through a break-up. I figured out how to be an independent person. I have been terrifyingly honest to the public about traumatic events in my life. I met the woman of my dreams. I have been on the road nonstop, away from those I love, but with the opportunity to sing about gay rights to hundreds of thousands of people. This album is inspired by the depth of all of that love, and the journey that it takes to get there.”

When I was asked to review the Mary Lambert Heart on my Sleeve album and saw the song Secrets listed, I was thrilled because I already knew I loved her music. While Secrets is definitely my favorite song, there are quite a few others that I really enjoyed as well. So Far Away is a beautiful song with a gorgeous melody that nearly brings tears to my eyes.  If you enjoy her song Secrets, you’ll definitely want to get a copy of the Mary Lambert Heart on My Sleeve CD. She has a gorgeous voice and an energy that is irresistible.

Mary’s new album Heart On My Sleeve will be in stores October 14, 2014. Find it on Amazon and iTunes.

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