Masterpiece Victoria The Complete Second Season on DVD

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Have you seen Masterpiece Victoria on PBS yet? The entire second season is now available on DVD for you to add to your library. I love learning about history especially the glamorous lives of kings and queens. The clothes and the parties are just so magnificent that these movies keep my focus for hours. If you’re like me, you’ll want to keep reading to learn more about the series Victoria.

Masterpiece Victoria The Complete Second Season on DVDMasterpiece Victoria

Acclaimed drama Victoria returns for a second season starring Jenna Coleman (Doctor Who) as Queen Victoria, a nineteenth-century heroine for our times. This landmark account of the life of one of history’s greatest monarchs continues as the Queen faces the very modern challenge of balancing a growing family with her marriage to Prince Albert (Tom Hughes, The Game) and her work – all while being the ruler of the most powerful nation on earth.

As Victoria’s reign continues into the 1840s, her Kingdom is witness to extraordinary events – constitutional crises and scandals at court, the rise of the Chartist movement, the devastating Irish Potato Famine, and Europe swept by revolution. As the saga unfolds over vital moments in history, the Queen and Prince Albert must meet each public challenge while confronting profound personal changes.

There are over 25 minutes of bonus video included on this DVD including:

  • An Icon for Women Today
  • Researching Victoria
  • The Costumes (my personal favorite)
  • The Footmen
  • The Graphics
  • The Silent Piano
  • Daisy & Ottille Writing Together
  • Paget & Drummond
  • A Woman in a Man’s World

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My thoughts about Masterpiece Victoria

If you’re a fan of Victoria or any type of British historical drama, you need to watch this. The settings and the costumes were just amazing and were truly my favorite parts of this DVD. Queen Victoria really was a woman in a man’s world. In that time of our history, it wasn’t common for women to be in power which made this so much more interesting to watch. She faces a lot of the same challenges that women do today when it comes to balancing a family and a career.

There are over 7.5 hours of programming on three discs in this set. It’s definitely a must watch for fans.