PAW Patrol Pups Save Christmas DVD

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It’s definitely time to start thinking about Christmas shows, and I wanted to share the newest PAW Patrol Pups Save Christmas DVD with you today. 

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PAW Patrol Pups Save Christmas DVDPaw Patrol Pups Save Christmas DVD

Join the PAW Patrol for 6 snowy-saves, including a special double-length Christmas episode! The pups gear up to fix Santa’s sleigh and save Christmas, return penguins to their frozen home, help Everest on some snowy rescues, and more!

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Pups Save Christmas

Santa Clause’s sleigh crashes and breaks in the middle of a snowstorm on Christmas Eve All of the presents are scattered around Adventure Bay. It’s up to the PAW Patrol to fix the broken sleigh, round up all of the reindeer, find the missing presents, find the magic star, and of course, save Christmas for Adventure Bay.

Pups Save the Penguins

Someone has been taking fish off Cap’n Turbot’s boat and he calls Ryder and the PAW Patrol to help investigate. Chase uses his new SPY GEAR and inspects the boat. Then he heads below deck where he discovers it’s a group of pesky penguins! Now the pups have to catch the penguins and find a way to get them back to the South Pole!

Pups Save the Pop-Up Penguins

Ryder and PAW Patrol are enjoying a summer day at the beach when a call comes in from Mr. Porter. He and Alex were at the train station to pick up a big frozen fish order only to find out that it’’s gone! It was eaten by stowaway penguins that have disappeared all around Adventure Bay. The PAW Patrol has to find the penguins and get them back to the where they belong before they get heat stroke.

Pups Save Skye

Skye is going to Jake’s Mountain to meet Everest and Ace when a storm blows in and she crash lands in the snow. Her pup tag gets lost and a wing is broken, so Skye has to climb the rest of the way on foot. They try to find Skye from above but can’t reach her on the steep mountain! Ryder calls in Everest! Skye and her new little friend get a sled ride to the chalet for warm milk and dog biscuits.

Pups Save Sports Day

A fun look at winter sports for the PAW Patrol! The All Star Pups are ready to compete in the summer sports day when Daring Danny X turns the field into an ice rink!

Pups Bear-ly Save Danny

Daring Danny X is pursued by hungry bears after he gets stuck in a tree over a deep canyon. It’s PAW Patrol to the rescue!

So, I love Christmas episodes of my favorite cartoons. But, I don’t always manage to watch them when they’re on TV. If you have a child that loves PAW Patrol, this DVD will let them watch their favorite Christmas and winter episodes whenever they want! 

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