The Best Posters to Color for the Entire Family

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Why posters to color? Have you ever had one of those days where you just need to escape from the world for a while and be five again? You know those days where you want to hide in your blanket fort with a box of animal crackers? Yeah, I have those too. On days like that, I need the stress relief that comes from a fun, simple activity that reminds me of easier days. Sitting on the floor (or at the table) with a giant poster and a box of colored pencils is just perfect.

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The Best Posters to Color for the Whole Family

The Best Posters to Color

I’m not what I would consider artistic. If you give me a blank piece of paper and ask me to draw something, you’re going to get stick figures. I can, however, color in between the lines pretty well. I’ve tried children’s coloring books before, but they don’t really inspire me that much. I want something that’s a bit more detailed that will take a few hours to complete. That way, I can work on it every day after work to relax for a while.

The best posters to color for the whole family

I recently received a BIG poster from Marbles The Brain Store called Food Fight. This Really Big Coloring Poster is the real deal. The big cheese. The biggest, baddest, and most fun coloring adventure for beginners and adults! Spanning 63″x36″ the Food Fight Coloring Poster features a quirky food-covered world just waiting to be filled in with crayons, colored pencil, or marker. Printed with vegetable ink on 70% recycled content paper, The Food Fight Really Big Coloring Poster is an eco-friendly and playful accent on any bare wall in your home or classroom!

I spent two hours coloring the Food Fight poster before I recruited my daughter to help me. She spent another two hours coloring and then asked a friend and her little sister to come over to finish coloring it with her. All in all, this giant poster has provided hours of fun for several people. One or two children could easily have an entire week or two of fun coloring this poster before they finished it!

The best posters to color for the whole family

When I color, I prefer colored pencils to crayons or markers. Colored pencils can be sharpened so they are easy to use even in small spaces, and they never bleed like some markers do. I like to have at least 24 different colors to work with so I can shade and accent when I draw. It’s important that the colors be bright and colorful for the best results.

Marbles The Brain Store offers a variety of fun posters to color including the Food Fight one that I received. You can also check out their Funny Farm and Let’s Color America posters. Each poster is 63″x36″ and is perfect for either adults or children. If you are looking for something smaller than a poster to color, they have a variety of coloring sheets with fun themes as well. Adults will enjoy a fun, relaxing way to be creative, and children will enjoy coloring while improving their fine motor skills. You can also find games, puzzles, toys and gifts for everyone in the family from Marbles the Brain Store. 

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  1. Love these… they remind me of the doodle art posters I used to color when I was a kid. I know my daughter would love them!

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