Flora & Fauna Quilling Creations by Cecelia Louie

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Have you ever tried quilling? I’ve been doing it for a few years, and I love all of the adorable paper art vignettes you can make with Quilling Creations Flora & Fauna. If you aren’t familiar with quilling, you are basically rolling strips of paper to create different shapes. Product provided. This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.

Flora & Fauna Quilling Creations by Cecelia LouieFlora & Fauna Quilling Creations

You’ll be on a roll with this new kind of papercraft! And now you can get started immediately, because Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna includes all the materials and know how you need to start.

Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna is the inspirational kit that gives you everything you need to decorate your home with lovely papercraft, or craft colorful gifts! This creativity kit features ten elegant projects to get you started down the path of creating your very own masterpieces. The ability to fold, roll, and create bright flowers, spectacular birds, and other woodland creatures is right at your fingertips!

To kick things off, you’ll get an expert introduction to the basic techniques for rolled paper art, plus step-by-step, photographic, instructions for ten projects, and inspirational ideas for designing and creating your own unique pieces. Quilling Creations: Flora & Fauna comes with everything you need to get started, including a rolling tool, ready-to-go paper strips in multiple colors, and a thorough guidebook. Your work will be gallery-ready in no time! Buy it now.

My thoughts:

Quilling Creations comes in a handy box with the book on one side and the paper strips and quilling tool on the other. I love this because it means that I’ll be able to keep everything stored neatly away when I’m not using it. This kit teaches you all of the basic techniques you need to create ten different designs. Just a few of the designs included in this kit are a fox, flowers, ladybugs and vines.

This is a gorgeous gift idea or a wonderful way to learn how to do quilling.