Remember, Just Be You by William Campbell

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Teaching children the importance of just being themselves is something that in society today is so overlooked. We all want our children to fit in. We want them to be happy and have lots of friends, but what if in that goal we are making it so that they turn into something that they really aren’t? I try every day to make my son feel happy in his own skin. This is something that even as an adult that I struggle with. Finding yourself and just being you and knowing that is good enough is important. So many times we want to please Remember, Just Be You by William Campbellother people.

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Remember, Just Be You by William Campbell

Remember, Just Be You by William Campbell is an amazing book to read to teach just what the title implies. My son was having a very rough time fitting in with his classmates, so this book came for review at the perfect time. The book follows a little boy named Mark that is starting a new school. Mark is struggling to find his place in his new school because he has differences from the other kids. His parents continue to give him the advice to “just be you”.

My son took to the Day 4 scene where Mark did not know how to tie his shoes. This is something that my son has also had a lot of problems with. He is embarrassed that he can’t do it and we have been working on it. Everyone learns at different paces and so this was a reminder that this was a milestone that was a difficult one that the author even included it as a difference in children. It was great that my son could relate to what Mark was going through. I was smiling on the inside as he was coming to terms that what the book was telling him that everyone has their own differences, but you just need to be true to you.

Another scene that really struck with us was Day 6, bike riding without training wheels. My son also struggles with riding his bike. Other kids his age can do it without training wheels. Our neighbor boy that he is friends with also needs training wheels, so my son had found solace in that, but the book scene also stuck with him that this was okay to still be learning.

There were so many other scenes that made my heart melt because William Campbell hit on the perfect points of what makes us different. Not everyone is the same and as long as you are true to yourself, people will like you just the way that you are. On Day 19, Mark earns a special reward and brings his class something special. My son recently got Student Of The Month for April and so he was able to relate to Mark that when you just continue to do everything you can the best that you can, that stuff will eventually be recognized.

William Campbell made me so thrilled with this 32 pages of encouragement. Even as an adult, I took a step back and realized that I need to just be myself. I don’t need to be good at everything and I certainly don’t need to impress everyone. Just being me is enough. I am looking forward to other works by William Campbell. As a Virginia girl myself, the fact that the author lives in my home state, was something I was proud of. A portion of each of the book sales goes to Saint Judes and Feed America. So, not only is he sending off an important message, but the sales are helping those in need. Everything about this book has me beaming, and it is one that you need to add to your library as a gentle reminder to just be you.

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  1. I love the concept of this book. It’s so important for kids to have a healthy sense of self worth and esteem. I love books with a message.

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