Sexy Brain by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson

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I’ve always been interested in healthy living and how our choices and lifestyle impact how we look and feel. There are so many things in our environment that we’re exposed to that can really make a difference in how we feel. 

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Sexy Brain by Dr. Devaki Lindsey BerksonSexy Brain by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson

SEXY BRAIN is a breakthrough book about a new problem—the looming threat of environmental castration. Just as science is showing that intimacy is as beneficial as veggies and exercise for your health—especially for your brain—today’s intimacy is under attack from our toxic environment. Our toxic environment is hijacking our hormones and tamping down our human ability to connect or to benefit from these connections.

Just as children are now threatened with diseases that historically only happened to older adults, like type-2 diabetes, sleep apnea, and obesity, younger adults are having more intimacy issues from cuddling to sex.

You’ll learn why nature designed humans to have pleasure and connection. You’ll learn how to how to make love stay, keep family life stable, and have more amazing intimacy with another human being than you ever thought possible.

Berkson wrote one of the first books on endocrine disruption (Hormone Deception, 2000), one of the first books on the mind/gut/nutrition link (Healthy Digestion the Natural Way, 2001) and one of the first books on bioidentical hormones and how they lean on nutrients and the gut (Safe Hormones, 2010). All these books now converge in your bedroom.

SEXY BRAIN gives you exact answers about how to protect intimacy, exact steps to be a great lover based on the hard-wired biology of estrogen and testosterone, and the exact cross-talk between intimacy, your gut, and your brain in an easy and entertaining way.

Who would have thought that great sex starts in the gut! Learn that the gut is the “mothership” not only for physical health, but also for hormone health, including intimacy. Learn about the “microgenderome,” which is the how your gut bugs and gut wall interact with your hormones (and your desire, ability, and pleasure). Unhealthy guts create unhealthy hormones, no matter how normal the levels of your hormones may appear on any type of testing.

  • Do the 10-day, Sex Hormone Receptor Detox to improve hormone signaling and get the benefit from intimacy that nature intended.
  • Discover the Hormone Language of Love so relationships become less frustrating and more successful.
  • Get the big brain benefits of intimacy when you learn how to have big “O’s” with “Awakened Sex.”
  • This is a book parents can respectfully gift to their adult kids when they get engaged.
  • This is a 360-degree intimacy manual to understand and achieve in-depth human connection.
  • Know which nutrients are critical for great intimacy.
  • Learn more about oxytocin than even your doctors know.

My thoughts:

Sexy Brain was a fascinating read that was just loaded with information. I love that the author made the book easy to understand from those who didn’t have a technical or medical background. Of course, there was also a lot of information for those that did have those types of backgrounds, but overall the book was easy to understand by everyone. The detailed Table of Contents made reading more about your particular interests very easy. This is definitely a must read for everyone but especially for those that are interested in the connection between our environment and how we feel.

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17 thoughts on “Sexy Brain by Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson

  1. I learned that the author also wrote The Miracle of Natural Hormones and Dr. Brownstein’s Natural Way to Health Newsletter

  2. I learned the author has 44 years of experience in the field. Sounds interesting – I will say my generation (20/30-somethings) is more of a “hookup generation” vs. any others I’ve seen – something I don’t really partake in (I’m more of a monogamous relationship person) but it’s interesting to study.

  3. I learned: Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson has been in practice as a nutritionist since the mid 1970’s and as an integrative nutritional/gastrointestinal endocrine specialist since the early 1980’s.

  4. I learned that Dr. Devaki Lindsey Berkson has been in practice as a nutritionist since the mid 1970’s.

  5. I learned that the author believes in a form of holistic living that involves smart choices in everything from daily activities to your grocery cart. This book sounds like a fascinating read!

  6. I learned that Dr. Berkson specializes in complex cases, high-risk hormonal patients, and severe gastroenterologic cases trying to avoid surgery. I found several books that I’m interested in reading!

  7. I learned that it is impossible for anyone to reach their optimal health or achieve rewarding sex without hormonal balance and I need to read this book to learn why.

  8. I learned that the author has spent 35 years studying this subject from every perspective: as a scientist, clinician, health advocate, author, inventor, and patient.

  9. I learned that this book is a science-based journey on how and why nature put “pleasure” and “connection” into the human experience.

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