Shark Week Jawsome Encounters arrives on DVD

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Yes, I love Shark Week. I spend an entire weekend on the couch watching shark movies whenever there is one on television. How does it get better than a weekend full of shark movies? When I learned that Shark Week Jawsome Encounters was coming to DVD, I knew I had to share it with you. This is a great way to get all of your favorite Shark Week Shark Week Jawsome Encounters arrives on DVDprograms in one place! Imagine, I can watch shark movies every weekend if I want to! I received nothing for sharing this announcement with you, I’m just that excited!

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Shark Week Jawsome Encounters arrives on DVD

Join America’s favorite summertime tradition when Shark Week: Jawsome Encounters arrives on DVD (plus Digital) on June 14 from Lionsgate. For the past 28 years, Discovery Channel has captured the world’s attention with Shark Week, an annual televised event that explores the ocean’s most magnificent creatures. Featuring 13 fintastic episodes from the 2014 season (never before released on DVD) just in time for the newest season of Shark Week broadcast on Discovery, the Shark Week: Jawsome Encounters DVD will be available for the suggested retail price of $19.98.

Discovery’s annual event is bigger than ever! Dive deep into the mystery of “zombie sharks” in New Zealand, get up close and personal with Tiger Sharks lurking below the surface in idyllic Hawaii, and explore Great Whites off the coast of Australia.

This is over 10 hours of shark programming all in one place! Shark Week can be every week when SHARK WEEK: JAWSOME ENCOUNTERS arrives on DVD June 14 from Lionsgate Home Entertainment. I’m looking forward to watching this and I hope you will too!

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6 thoughts on “Shark Week Jawsome Encounters arrives on DVD

  1. My boys love SHARK WEEK! They become animated about the build up to the week and that is basically all they talk about the week of. They enjoy nature programs but Shark Week is a big hit with the guys in our house. They watch YouTube videos about sharks.

  2. OK I have to check out zombie sharks–too funny. I’m another Shark Week fan. I end up learning stuff I never knew, right along with the kids. I need to see the latest Sharknado flick in celebration too!

  3. I don’t know what it is but I’m fascinated by sharks! I love shark week, one of my guilty obsessions is the Jaws movies, I would LOVE to go diving with sharks in that cage thing…This DVD sounds awesome!

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