Striped Pears and Polka Dots by Kirsten Sevig

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Striped Pears and Polka Dots is the perfect gift book to include in a gift basket! I love putting together themed gift baskets with things like teas, candles and gift books. They are the perfect gift for teachers, daycare providers, and pet sitters. 

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Striped Pears and Polka Dots by Kirsten SevigStriped Pears and Polka Dots

Kirsten Sevig is an artist, illustrator, textile and stationery designer who shares her private musings and creative process on her popular Instagram site @kirstensevig. This little book is a mixtape of her watercolor illustrations, favorite recipes, pearls of wisdom and musings about what makes her happy.

Sevig who always carries a journal and a portable watercolor set paints her way to happiness. When it is gray and rainy, she paints sunshine. When she is feeling sad, she paints in bright colors to cheer herself up. She paints the many things that delight her, from her dachshunds to hedgehogs; yellow rainboots to anything plaid; her Norweigan grandmother’s nut cookies to meringues (including recipes).

And, she hopes that this book will be a portable happy place. She reminds readers of the nuggets of happiness that can be found all around. As she says on the book’s final page, always remember to take the time to do something that makes you happy. Buy it today.

Striped Pears and Polka Dots Review

So, if you’re looking for an adorable gift book, you have found it! Striped Pears and Polka dots is a 5″ x 5″ gift book with brightly colored illustrations and fanciful thoughts for each design. I really love how inspiring each thought is. The author asks that you consider small things that will help you improve your mood like biking instead of driving.

Or, she suggests that you stop and smell the flowers and the herbs. I really love the uplifting messages included.

Finally, Striped Pears and Polka Dots would make a wonderful gift along with a box of tea or a small houseplant. Buy it today.

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