Super Sticker Activity Books: Dinos & Baby Animals

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Remember the sticker craze that happened years ago? Is anyone else but me old enough to remember having notebooks full of puffy stickers and holographs and scratch and sniff stickers? As soon as I saw these adorable Super Sticker Activity Books, I was hooked. It doesn’t get much cuter than this whether you are a reformed sticker collector or looking for a fun activity for the kids. 

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Super Sticker Activity Books

Super Sticker Activity Books: Baby Animals

Whether it’s a playful puppy or a curious kitten, Super Sticker Activity: Baby Animals is full of adorable and amusing baby animal activities. The 32-page activity book is full of fun and easy activities for children ages 3 and up.

Mix and match, coloring, and doodling activities fill the book, and cute and cuddly baby animals are featured along for the fun. 75 super puffy stickers are also included and can be used to decorate the bright and colorful activity pages.

Super Sticker Activity Books

Super Sticker Activity Books: Dinos

Triceratops, T.rex, Stegosaurus, and all the other impressive dinosaurs are ready for action in Super Sticker Activity: Dinos! Perfect for at home or on the go, this 32-page book contains fun and engaging activities featuring childrens’ favorite dinosaurs.

75 super puffy stickers are included for additional hands-on amusement. Whether it’s doodling or a search and find, young dinosaur lovers are sure to find hours of sticker and activity fun!

Each of these fun sticker books has 75+ super puffy stickers at the front of the book. As your child reads the book, there are different activities that they can complete like coloring, finding differences and similarities, matching and coloring by numbers.

As your child completes each activity, they reward themselves by adding a star sticker to the page. The other stickers included can be used anywhere in the book (or elsewhere) to decorate. Because the puffy stickers are small, this book is recommended for ages 3+.

16 thoughts on “Super Sticker Activity Books: Dinos & Baby Animals

  1. I love all kinds of stickers and especially of animals but bonus for baby dinos! These are even cuter than my Hello Kitty stickers and I’d love to try the puffy ones–those are new to me.

  2. I would like to win for my nephew. He loves animals and the baby animal would be a great fun way for him to learn them. Also, what little boy doesn’t like dinosaurs?!

  3. My three year old grandson loves doing these neat sticker books, I know that he would really enjoy doing this one too!

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