The Eleventh – A New Series on Feeln

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It’s so difficult to find series on television that I enjoy watching. They’re all full of crime and violence, and they don’t seem to have any story that I can follow. Marty and I have been searching for a new series that we can watch regularly, and when I was offered a screener copy of The Eleventh, it sounded like a series that we would both enjoy. Plus, it had several of our favorite actresses in it which was a bonus! 

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The Eleventh - A New Series on Feeln

The Eleventh – A New Series on Feeln

This May, Feeln launched its original series “The Eleventh” which stars a trifecta of TV legends including Florence Henderson (The Brady Bunch, Dancing With The Stars), Ed Asner (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Roots, Up), Cloris Leachman (The Mary Tyler Moore Show, Malcolm In The Middle), and newcomer Ren Harris. “The Eleventh” focuses on a young girl’s journey to getting to know her estranged grandmother to bring closure to the past and unite her family.  The series has heart-warming themes of family, forgiveness, healing, and love.

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The Eleventh - A New Series on Feeln

Janine’s mother has just passed away, and she’s asked to deliver a mysterious envelope to her grandmother – a grandmother that she doesn’t know and that her family has been estranged from for years. Her father wants nothing at all to do with Janine’s grandmother and doesn’t want Janine to visit her again. Janine feels that getting to know her grandmother is something that her mother would have wanted to she continues to see her grandmother in hopes of learning why she hasn’t been a part of their lives.

I really got drawn into the series, and I cannot wait to watch the next one. The ending to the first one was such a cliff hanger! The Eleventh is such a touching series, and I love that I can see Florence Henderson and Cloris Leachman in a series again. They are two of my favorites.

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  1. I actually think I’ve seen a few mentions of this in the blogosphere lately and it really does look interesting! I’m hoping that the talent in the series can bring back some of the wholesome television from their eras because we really need that these days!

  2. What a great suggestion. Just checked and Roku carries Feeln. I browsed the movies provided and what a great selection!!

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