The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner

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I love a good thriller and The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner is one of the best I’ve read in a while. Adam Mitzner isn’t an author that I’ve read before, but he has several books under his belt. Mitzner is the critically acclaimed author of A Conflict of Interest, a Suspense Magazine Best Book of the Year, Losing Faith, and A Case of Redemption. The Girl From The Girl From Home by Adam MitznerHome by Adam Mitzner will be released April 5th by Gallery Books. A book was provided for this review, and this post contains affiliate links.

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The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner

Jonathan Caine is a true master of the universe — a currency wizard with a trophy wife, a penthouse condo with a view of the Statue of Liberty, and the desire for more — when his world comes crashing down, spiraling him into a relentless fall from grace. Devastated, Jonathan returns to his hometown to care for his ailing father and attend his twenty-fifth high school reunion, where he becomes reacquainted with former prom queen Jacqueline Williams.

Back in the day, Jackie didn’t even know Jonathan existed. Now she is intrigued by the man he has become. But their budding relationship has problems, not the least of which is Jackie’s jealous and abusive husband. Jonathan is determined to learn from his mistakes, but is he capable of complete transformation? Or will a shocking temptation test his desire for redemption beyond anything he could have imagined?

Jonathan, by all accounts, has a perfect life. He’s rich. He has a beautiful wife. He has the very best of everything.  It would be perfect except that he’s not happy, and he thinks that what will make him happy is more money. When he sees the possibility that his career will end due to some bad decisions managing a hedgefund, he makes several poor decisions that end up having him arrested for securities fraud.  As if that isn’t enough, he decides to have an affair with a woman he knew in highschool. When her violent husband catches them and threatens them, they are afraid that they’re relationship will never really have a chance. Jackie’s husband is murdered, and the police believe they’re both involved.

My thoughts:

I know nothing about hedgefunds or the type of high-rolling life that Jonathan Caine lives, but it was fascinating to read about his expensive lifestyle. I could identify with Jackie and her relationship with her husband, and I found myself on the edge of my seat while trying to figure out what was going to happen between Jonathan and Jackie after Jackie’s husband was murdered. It was only at the very end of the story that I figured out what happened and why Jonathan made the decisions he made. If you enjoy legal thrillers, you’re going to love The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner.

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3 thoughts on “The Girl From Home by Adam Mitzner

  1. I would love this book. I have never made the trip back to attend any of my high school reunions, but have dreamed how it might be. I do love legal thrillers but would never, ever mess with anyone married! Must check this one out.

    • I really enjoyed the story, Deb. I totally agree with never messing with married people but it was a fascinating story to read!

  2. The cover, the title and the premise of this book can relate to all of us! Sounds like an interesting read.

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