2000 Stickers Things That Go

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Sticker books have always been a favorite of mine and I love to get sticker books for my kids over the years. When a book has 2000 stickers, that’s like hitting the 2000 Stickers Things That Gojackpot! 

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2000 Stickers Things That Go

This book is packed full of wonderfully illustrated color pages for little ones to put the stickers on. The theme is “things that go”, so there are lots of transport style scenes to have fun with. In the middle of the book are eight pages of stickers with all sorts of people, vehicles and accessories on to add to the scene pages.

What we loved about the illustrated pages, is that they are full of ideas as to what sort of stickers to add to the page to get their imagination going. They also include questions, like asking children to find different things or draw in an additional item.

They also include a few puzzle pages to do as well. My grandson, Zach, who is eight and he really enjoyed looking at all the pages and had fun adding the stickers to them. I helped him with some of the pages and he enjoyed finding things as well. He is a big car fan, so he loved the transport theme of the book.


Since the size of the book is so big, and numerous pages, it can be revisited many times to have fun over and over. This is a really a fun sticker book that I think would be great for preschoolers and great for doing at home or to take on a trip with you.

It’s always good to have something on to hand to entertain children. A great activity for a rainy/snow day, or if they are just bored and looking for something to do.

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