New Fiction Titles Available From Lyn Duclos

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Lyn Duclos is an Australian author who has released three books that are now available on Amazon. Lyn is now retired and lives in a beachside suburb of Melbourne with her two cats. She enjoys writing full time and travelling. Lyn’s interest in family history, art, music, theatre, technology and travel, all keep her busy when she isn’t writing. This is a sponsored New Fiction Titles Available From Lyn Duclosconversation but the words are my own.

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New Fiction Titles Available From Lyn Duclos

Shattered Reflections

Taking us across the vast expanse of Australia and spanning four decades, Shattered Reflections tells of the power of true friendship and courageous women determined to overcome tragedy and deception. And it tells of the obsessive love of a man driven to any lengths to protect his family. But how much is he willing to sacrifice to escape from a past that won’t let go? Buy it today.

While I Can Still Remember

one Pine, a 650 year-old Norfolk Island pine, stands on a limestone cliff on Norfolk Island. At the base of its trunk a sapling – Piali – clings to the cliff as fierce storms threaten to destroy it. The island is waiting for Piali to grow strong enough to take over from Lone Pine, so the sapling’s survival is vital. The old tree has been the receptacle of the island’s stories and these must be passed on to its successor so that the species will remain intact. But Lone Pine’s memory is fading and time is running out. Buy it today.


Fugue is a love story that takes the reader through the nightmares and emotions of a young woman who seems to have everything but who, in fact, has nothing. Her childhood was one of rejection and loneliness, and walls that allow nothing or no one else in surround her adult life. Her icy façade is impenetrable until she meets a musician who disturbs the cobwebs of the past. Finally she is forced to face her demons and allow love to soften her pain. Launching soon.

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  1. I have always enjoyed novels that take place in Australia. I don’t know if it comes from a desire to visit the country or the exotic feel of the place. Thanks for introducing me to Lyn.

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