Benefits of a toy rental service from Pley

Toy Rental Subscription from Pley

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Mom, I’m bored! Have you heard that as many times as I have?

If you’re frustrated by hearing “Mom, I’m bored” from your kids when they have a room full of toys, a toy rental subscription is something you may want to consider. When our children are bored, it’s often not because they have nothing to play with. It’s often because what they have doesn’t inspire their creativity. This post has been sponsored, but the story is my own.

Toy Rental Subscription from Pley

Toy Rental Subscription from Pley

Children lose interest in many of their toys rather quickly. This can turn into an ongoing trip to the toy store resulting in an overflowing toy room if you’re not careful. I don’t advocate buying your children hundreds of toys. It creates clutter and a sense of entitlement that aren’t healthy. By using a toy rental subscription service like Pley, your child has the opportunity to play with a variety of toys that are then returned when they lose interest in them and exchanged for a different toy.

Toy Rental Subscription from Pley

Starting at just $19.99/month when registered for a 6-month subscription (or a mere $24.99 for a one month trial), kids could receive several kits each month as they play, return and repeat. The Builder and Master plan offers unlimited toys per month. Children keep the toy as long as they wish, then place everything in the return package. Drop it in any US postal mailbox. Shipping is free (!) with all memberships.

Pley’s rental concept has struck a chord with the grownups. To date, there are over 300,000 smart “pleyers” who browse through more than 400+ toys on the comprehensive website, Customers choose from hundreds of simple to ultra-complex LEGO sets, hot robotic toys like BB-8 or Dash, or Knex sets. Pley even has some exclusive LEGO sets which are very popular!

Toy Rental Subscription from Pley


We were very impressed with the selection of toys to choose at Pley. There really is a toy for every interest including LEGO building sets, Star Wars action figures, superhero toys, Minecraft and Disney Princesses.  Age ranges include as young as two up to twelve and older. Of course, the toys are sanitized before being sent to the next child so this is a perfect way to engage your child’s creativity without adding to the toy clutter. They play with the toy for as long as they want and then it gets sent back to exchange with another toy.

Toy Rental Subscription from Pley


The toys are shipped in a box and your child is encouraged to use the inside of the box as the playing service. This way, the toys stay contained and keep them from being combined with other toys. Plus, the instruction book is included so your child knows how to put together the activity set.  When your child is done, the toys go back in the mesh bag with the manual and the mesh bag goes into a postage-paid return envelope. There’s no added cost to you to return them.

Toy subscription service from Pley

For anyone who is attempting minimalism or decluttering, Pley is definitely the way to go. As parents and grandparents ponder a thoughtful Hanukkah or Christmas gift, the subscription service is very easy to give for a one-month treat or the whole year!

Try out Pley today!

Benefits of a Toy Rental Subscription from Pley

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  1. This sounds like a great way to try out new toys. I know there are a lot of times you buy kids a toy and they get bored with it after awhile, great wayt o keep new toys in rotation.

  2. This sounds like fun! We went to a Lego convention today and it’s amazing how many sets are out there. Pley would be fun and cost effective.

  3. This is such a fun and interesting concept, I’ve never heard of a toy rental subscription! You’re right, so often kids ‘get bored’ only because they don’t have something to inspire their creativity! This solves that problem, for sure!

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