A True Pessimist by Alan Chains

A True Pessimist by Alan Chains Book Review

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A True Pessimist by Alan Chains Book ReviewThis weekend has been super busy but I wanted to take a quick break and relax with something lighthearted and easy to read. I love reading short stories because I can start and finish them while I’m enjoying a cup of coffee. A True Pessimist by Alan Chains was the perfect short story. This post contains affiliate links.

A True Pessimist by Alan Chains

The story begins with a journalist who is stuck for ideas for his next column. He decides that he’s not going to come up with any good ideas by staying at home and realizes he needs to just go somewhere else to get something new to write about. He makes the decision to just get in the car and drive wherever he ends up and talk to whomever he meets when he gets there. He eventually stops at a little diner and starts talking to a man he meets there and trying to learn more about him. Through their odd conversation, I learned what a pessimist really is.

The author has a wonderfully engaging way of writing that really drew me in. I loved reading the dialog between the journalist and the pessimist he met at the diner because it was so bizarre. I was just as confused by the pessimist’s answers to the journalist’s questions as he was and honestly couldn’t figure out what kind of job this man had. When the answer was finally revealed at the end of the story, I couldn’t help but laugh.

If you’re looking for a fun, short read, you can get a copy of A True Pessimist by Alan Chains free from Smashwords. He has recently published an epic debut novel, Return to Island X, which I hope to read soon.

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