Zooper ABC Animals

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Learning is fun with Zooper ABC Animals. One of the challenges of helping your child become a lifelong learning is making learning fun. When learning is something a child doesn’t like but is forced to do, they aren’t going to want to continue any longer than they have to. Educational apps like Zooper ABC Animals make learning a game, and everyone loves games. 

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Zooper ABC Animals App

Zooper ABC Animals

Zooper ABC Animals—including Bubble Blowing Bees and Disco Dancing Dogs—provides animation, rhymes, sound effects, letter tracing, guessing games and phonics. As an extra treat, it also offers 26 Zooper Dooper Bloopers—hilarious outtakes for each animal that lead to hours of additional entertainment.

Zooper ABC Animals invites pre-schoolers to explore, interact, play, laugh and learn the ABCs! What’s really exciting is that research shows that humor plays a big part in a child’s intellectual, social and emotional development. From A to Z, Zooper ABC Animals encourages lots of laughing and learning for kids—and parents.

Zooper ABC Animals App

Zooper ABC Animals is a fun educational app that will encourage your child to learn their alphabet through tracing, guessing games and phonics practice. Each letter is shown in both upper and lower case as well as spoken. Your child can trace upper and lower case letters and select objects that begin with each letter.

 As they select each object, the word is shown above the object which helps word identification. There is also a fun rhyme for each letter with an animated picture. As your child progresses through the alphabet, there is a fun outtake that shows something funny happening that relates to the letter they’re learning about.

Zooper ABC Animals App

If you’d like to help enforce the alphabet and phonics in a fun way, I definitely recommend that you download Zooper ABC Animals. The bright colors and upbeat music will definitely keep your child engaged, and the fun games will keep their attention on learning.

Compatibility: Requires iOS 7.0 or later. Compatible with iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Made for ages 5 and under. $2.99

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  1. I want to win for my niece who is learning her letters and yet loves to play with the Ipad. This would be great for her.

  2. I could use this for teaching the little ones I babysit. I don’t have too many teaching materials for really young kids, mostly older, and this looks like it would hold their interest.

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