2000 Stickers Animals 36 Wild and Wacky Activities!

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One of our favorite books to review are Parragon’s sticker books. I loved stickers ever since I was little. My favorites were the ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers. My mom would find stickers stuck every where around the house. Luckily, she was a good sport about it!   2000 Stickers Animals 36 Wild and Wacky Activities! .

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2000 Stickers Animals 36 Wild and Wacky Activities!

Even as an adult, I still can’t resist a cute sticker. So, when a sticker book falls in our laps, I’m right there helping the kids play with it. Don’t judge!

2000 Stickers Animals-36 wild and wacky activities! is an awesome (and huge) sticker book. Each page contains an activity for the little ones to do.

There are mazes, drawing activities, coloring pages, story ideas, and of course, pages where you must put the right sticker for the theme. It also comes with tiny little square stickers that you can use for whatever you want-except to stick on the walls. 😉

There will be plenty of leftover other stickers to use as well to decorate folders, create your own sticker stories, or where ever their imagination takes them!

My daughter used hers to put on her back-to-school folders and also made some cards for her friends. She shared the book with her seven year old nephew who seemed to enjoy it as well since it’s not gender based.

Also, there are lots of activities, so they won’t go through all of it in one day, making it well worth the money.

This would make a great gift for kids ages 3+ with help from older sister, brother, or adult for the reading parts. Though, I think they would have fun making up their own stories and sticking the stickers where they want.

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