Hallmark Channel’s “A Perfect Christmas” #CountdowntoChristmas this Sunday, Nov 6th  at 8pm/7c!

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The countdown to Christmas has started, and it will be here before you know it. Christmas is a time to slow down and spend time with my family. It’s hard to believe how quickly the kids grow up. It seems like just last year they were still in school. This year, we have both kids AND their significant others living with us and spending Christmas with us. I want to enjoy every moment with them I can before they move out into their own places. Thank you to Hallmark Channel for sponsoring this conversation.

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Hallmark Channel's "A Perfect Christmas" #CountdowntoChristmas this Sunday, Nov 6th  at 8pm/7c!

Hallmark Channel’s “A Perfect Christmas”

Hallmark Channel’s “A Perfect Christmas” is  airing their winter premiere this Sunday, November 6th at 8pm/7c! It is the beginning of all of the Hallmark Channel #CountdowntoChristmas original holiday movies. This season, you can look forward to original movie releases such as A Wish For Christmas, Christmas Cookies, My Christmas Dream and much more!

“A Perfect Christmas” follows a newlywed couple celebrating their first Christmas together. They invite their families to join them for the holidays, but when Steve (Dillon Casey) is laid off just before Christmas and Cynthia (Susie Abromeit) discovers she’s pregnant, they both keep their news secret in hopes that the celebration runs smoothly.

I really love that the focus of “A Perfect Christmas” is about family and spending time together and not about spending money and buying presents. Hallmark Channel offers so many great family shows that it’s always on my list of favorite channels. I cannot wait to see all of the #CountdowntoChristmas original holiday movies this year.

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17 thoughts on “Hallmark Channel’s “A Perfect Christmas” #CountdowntoChristmas this Sunday, Nov 6th  at 8pm/7c!

  1. I watch all the Hallmark Christmas movies and think they are so good. This one looks like a great love story Christmas movie that I love. Plus they are great family movies.

  2. my mom loved the holidays. especially christmas. she loved giving. i’ve inherited that from her, and with each year she’s been gone, giving to others has helped me feel closer to her

  3. I love the Hallmark Channel. They have great family movies and this one looks great. Holidays to me are all about family and friends.

  4. I love any Christmas movie really, but I’ve never tuned in for the Hallmark ones. They seem cute though.

  5. I love the holidays because they’re a time to spend with my family and watch hallmark movie with my mom 🙂 We can’t wait to watch this movie because we missed the summer premiere of it and it’ll be one of the few we haven’t seen yet <3

  6. Holidays means I will get time off to spend with my kids and the family but also give to other with the angel trees. I want to see the movie. Hallmark Christmas Holiday movies really gets your spirit into the Holidays.

  7. It has become my family tradition to watch Hallmark movies with my friends and family. I can’t wait to see this Hallmark movie, the family, Christmas and Hallmark…..perfect.

  8. Oh I love the holiday movies, and this one looks so good! What I love about the holidays is spending time with family….and have so much fun decorating and driving around and looking at all the beautiful Christmas lights. We try to go out about 4 times a week….just for an hour or so…and look at them! So beautiful! Just a magical inspirational time of year!

  9. I love the holidays because of the extra time spent with family, fantastic food, and the sense of joy and wonder in the air.

  10. The holidays mean so much to our family because we’re all together and I’m so excited to see another wonderful Hallmark Christmas movie!

  11. The holidays means spending time with family & friends and being joyful and I’m looking forward to seeing the movie because some of my favorite Christmas movies have been by Hallmark.

  12. I love a good family movie that reminds us what is important. I can’t wait for the holidays, to me that’s when all the family comes together and we all reflect on what and who is important to us.

  13. The holidays mean Family and church and gathering of friends to share a great meal or a gift to someone in need. We have already been watching your Christmas movies at our house! They help to brighten up after a stressfull day! Thanks

  14. The holidays are all about the kids for me! I want my kid’s christmas to be amazing and magical! I love seeing my family and giving gifts! I love all the christmas movies and extra snuggle time with my babies

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