Peppa Pig Smiles and Giggles Coloring Book

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The weather is cooling down, and it’s the perfect time for coloring in this new Peppa Pig Smiles coloring book. Check out my thoughts.

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Peppa Pig Coloring BookPeppa Pig Smiles and Giggles Coloring Book

Parents need to know that Peppa Pig is a mild and very cute British animation series, suitable for the youngest members of the household. Peppa is a five-year-old pig with a bit of an attitude problem. 

She loves her little brother George but wishes he could communicate more. She enjoys playing dress up, mud, and going on outings. Peppa likes to get her own way and can get quite irritable when she doesn’t. I would say that she is bossy, both with her friends and with her brother. She likes to be right and doesn’t like being told otherwise. I think Peppa represents a typical child adapting to life with a baby sibling.

I think we watched Peppa Pig when my youngest was younger. I simply love cartoons such as this one and I know the grandkids like to watch the show.


We enjoyed reading and doing the activities in the Peppa Pig Coloring Book and activities. I like when coloring books have other things to do in them besides just coloring the characters (though, I enjoyed coloring pages when I was younger).

This book has mazes, dot to dots, find the characters and more. They do a great job of telling a “mini” story with each page and then you complete the activity.

We took this on our road trip and I think it entertained them almost the whole time! I wish we had brought a Peppa Pig DVD for them to watch as they colored so they could get ideas for what colors to use. I liked that it comes with some crayons as well to make it easy to take traveling. I’ve seen a lot of coloring books adding at least 4 crayons with their books.

Who is Peppa Pig for?

I would suggest giving this to ages up to 8, and making it a family activity to do together. Buy it today and find it on Amazon. Here are a few more Peppa Pig Gift ideas.

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