Adventure Time 5th Season DVD

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Adventure Time 5th Season DVDAs the mother of a 17 year old and a 22 year old and the wife of a husband who thinks he’s much younger than he is, I’m very familiar with Adventure Time. If you’re not as familiar as I am, read on. Adventure Time is an animated television series that was created for Cartoon Network and premiered in 2010. 

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Adventure Time 5th Season DVD

Adventure Time from Cartoon Network is targeted toward teenagers and adults rather than children and was recently renewed for an eighth season which gives you an idea of how popular the show is. This Adventure Time 5th Season DVD includes all 52 episodes from Season 5.  Also included is the Adventure Time Forever Featurette, Animatic Clips and a Special Snail Hunt.  There are 2 discs included. Each episode is about 10 minutes long.

Adventure Time features Jake the Dog and Finn the Human. Jake is Finn’s adopted brother and best friend. Jake the Dog has magical powers which let him change shape, grow and shrink. In each episode Jake and Finn travel through the Land of Ooo and encounter different creatures, problems to solve and adventures to go on.  Each episode stands alone. You don’t need to watch them in any particular order to understand them and you can skip around and watch your favorites.

There were a few favorite episodes included on the Adventure Time 5th Season DVD. I was excited to rewatch Candy Streets where Lumpy Space Princess (LSP) is robbed and Jake and Finn need to find the thief.  Jake turns into all the different things the police might use when solving a crime and it was like a trippy mini cartoon version of one of the crime programs I watch on TV. You won’t believe the ending, trust me. You need to watch this one. I wasn’t expecting it at all the first time I watched it.

If you like Adventure Time, you definitely need to add the Adventure Time 5th Season DVD to  your collection.

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  1. Ah I didn’t know these were out on DVD. My teen and her next older brother like this show! I like that the sweet Bubblegum Princess has a little sass in her. 😉

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