Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon

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One of my husband’s favorite movies is any kind of Alien Attack movie. When we learned there was going to be a movie marathon on COMET TV featuring classics like Strange Invaders and Without Warning, we made sure to mark it on our calendar! June is an action packed month over at Comet TV! With so many films you can only see on the Sci-Fi and Horror Channel!

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alien invasion

Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon

But that’s not all, did you know that this July is the 70th anniversary of the famed Roswell UFO crash? Marty and I are HUGE UFO movie fans! This July 4th beginning at 10AM/9C Aliens Invade! Say wha? Yep, to ring in the 4th, Comet TV is holding an Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon! There’s Invisible Invaders (1959), The Falling (1987), Strange Invaders (1983) and more!

  • Invisible Invaders (1959) at 10AM/9C
  • The Falling (1987) at NOON/11C
  • Strange Invaders (1983) at 2P/1C
  • Without Warning (1980) at 4P/3C
  • Alien Autopsy (2006) at 6P/5C

Sunday, June 25 set up back-to-back for your curiosity:

  • The Prophecy Trilogy starting at 2P/1C
  • The Prophecy (1995) at 2P/1C
  • The Prophecy II (1998) at 4P/3C
  • The Prophecy 3: The Ascent (2000) at 6P/5C

Is there a more underrated movie franchise than The Prophecy? The series of fantasy thrillers stars the one and only Christopher Walken as the Archangel Gabriel, who’s waging a war between angels in an attempt to effectively turn heaven into another hell.

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50 thoughts on “Invasion: Alien Attack Movie Marathon

  1. I have a well stocked pantry that would buy us a couple of months if we had to go into survival mode. However, if aliens arrive, I would probably rush outside with the phone to get video 🙂

  2. I have a cellar and supply of food if I had to hide out. I suppose I could try to make peace with them, but then I would probably just become a prisoner!!

  3. Well I definitely am a huge believer in aliens so I would like to think they would take pity on me!! Haha

  4. To be honest, I don’t think I would survive. I have bad knees and a bad back so it’s not like I could run away. I would probably try to be really quiet and try to hide.

  5. Okay, so there is this underground home in my town. It is called, “the giant” and totally self-sufficient. It even makes it’s own electricity and has a refrigerator. So I’d make my way there with my children, hide out there underground, and grow vegetables and drink from the water that is piped there from a natural spring. I don’t think the aliens would find us.

  6. One: I would not freak out because they look different and try to befriend them… maybe they’re just misunderstood.

    Stay inside. Have weapons. Be well-stocked on everything. When they sweep the area? Hide in a bathtub or something filled w/ ice water, so they can’t detect body heat. Just wait it out.


  7. I can survive an attack because I have watch every Star Trek, Star Trek Next Generation, Star Trek Deep Space Nine, Star Trek Voyager, and Lost in Space episode and have also seen every Star War movie.

  8. me and the dogs and cat would go to the yard and welcome them it might sound werid but i love to see how they tick and then would be interested me

  9. Sadly, I probably wouldn’t survive. I guess I could try eating acorns or something.
    We have a lot of squirrels. I hear they are tasty. I suppose if I was hungry enough…:-)

  10. I would survive an alien invasion by cooking them tasty food (and wine)! I’d submit a years worth of menus to them and they would need me even if only one of the recipes was their favorite.

  11. I’d be hiding out in my earth berm underground prepper hideout with all my family & pets. With lots of knives, guns & ammo. I’m not making it easy for them!

  12. I would make sure I stayed infected with the cold or flu at all times, kept glasses of water sitting around, had a baseball bat on hand or within reach, and never trusted anyone because they are likely all possessed by alien spawn ready to burst out of their chests. I’d have to hide in the storm cellar as much as possible, too.

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